Sometimes I wish that I started my webdev journey before life with three kids, so I could sit up all night and code or code all weekend. 😁 I have so many code-project and learning I want to do but not enough time. Maybe I should take a code-vacation? 😁

#webDev #code

@annasara I am totally in favor of this as a general concept. Is there anyone who'd be able to take care of the kids for a day or two? Would they be old enough to understand why mommy has to code?

@trishalynn A code-vacation is easily fixed, my husband takes the kids (I should really plan one). It would also be nice to do some of our code-projects together for a weekend or so but that is harder. If me and my husband could we would very much like to have someone take care of the kids more often, but with not so many relatives and friends and all living pretty far away is not that easy 😁 but things can change in the future.😊

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