@emma Ugh, that article didn't want to load for my phone. What's the teal deer?


The joke is that article never loads. It's a gag on the supposed virtues of loading HTML, 100 MB of JS, and then loading content.

@emma Aw, I didn't have the background to get the joke. This is a thing that happens a lot in my household because I'm the non-Info Tech person. Still, whomever created this made an excellent joke for all y'all who are.


No worries, there's a lot of info tech which, after 26 years in the business, makes me go 'wat?'

@emma Whew! I feel a bit better then. I mean, I do try and get him to explain his jokes because knowing a little bit about what he does helps me be sympathetic when he vents. I also like being well-rounded in the types of tech convos I can have with new people.

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