I wonder if it makes sense to build a microblogging platform on top of the matrix protocol that also speaks ActivityPub to interface with mastodon/fedi

But wow that sounds like a lot of work even before I really look into it

ooooooh. I could write a Matrix bridge?

No, I definitely have better things to do with my life.

what I really want out of this is a microblogging platform that:

1. supports encrypted messaging (including to groups) out of the box.
2. supports a robust mechanism for decentralized groups good admin tooling. This is different from mastodon's instance-oriented communities and timelines. Basically, instances going down would generally "not matter", same as in Matrix.
3. can still participate in fediverse stuff

And this all seems cool but also too much work and idk if anyone would even care to use it.

@zkat They *do* say if you want something done the "right" way, do it yourself. However, this does seem like a lot. What need/want would that meet that isn't currently being met (other than the encrypted messaging bit)?

@trishalynn I'm not a fan of "instance goes down, everything goes away", and I think Mastodon is in desperate need of a non-instance-based community feature. Again, with persistence should the original instance go down.

@zkat @trishalynn I agree here.

I hope that this "community" feature coming later this year solves this (forget it's name, the one to solve the timeline issues)

If so, I'll end up rolling my own instance.. and subscribe (or whatever the term is) to a bunch of timelines I like (assuming that's how it works)

Then I get content that interests me, and permanence and control of my data. I am not at the whim of something being financially viable at scale. It's just me and a VM in my homelab.

@intothemild @zkat I think that could be a possible unintended outcome of how Masto does things: encouraging people to learn how to admin their own instance which is tuned to their own preferences while still being connected to the Fediverse as a whole. I don't remember where I read it (was it Switching Software?) where it mentions how easily one can run a Masto instance on a Raspberry Pi. For a personal microblogging platform, that would be perfect.

@trishalynn @zkat exactly. And for those who don't want to, they can use the larger instances.

I remember some article on "Web3" where the author was saying something like "nobody wants to run their own servers".. keyword nobody.

That kind of statement really rubbed the whole homelab community the wrong way.

If I keep going on this point I'll end up upset. Lol. I'm very passionate about the web was and always has been decentralized...


@intothemild @zkat I think that anyone who was around for Web 1.0 understands those sentiments. However, that was before running one's own server became more expensive and some people today don't want to learn how to be a server/sysadmin. I know I don't, even if my spouse thinks I could be a good sysadmin. To those of you who have the skills, I salute you and reap the rewards of your learning.

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@trishalynn @zkat Now you've done it!!!

I miss the early days of the web.... Ohh it was so strange and fun.

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