I wonder if it makes sense to build a microblogging platform on top of the matrix protocol that also speaks ActivityPub to interface with mastodon/fedi

But wow that sounds like a lot of work even before I really look into it

ooooooh. I could write a Matrix bridge?

No, I definitely have better things to do with my life.

what I really want out of this is a microblogging platform that:

1. supports encrypted messaging (including to groups) out of the box.
2. supports a robust mechanism for decentralized groups good admin tooling. This is different from mastodon's instance-oriented communities and timelines. Basically, instances going down would generally "not matter", same as in Matrix.
3. can still participate in fediverse stuff

And this all seems cool but also too much work and idk if anyone would even care to use it.

@zkat They *do* say if you want something done the "right" way, do it yourself. However, this does seem like a lot. What need/want would that meet that isn't currently being met (other than the encrypted messaging bit)?

@trishalynn I'm not a fan of "instance goes down, everything goes away", and I think Mastodon is in desperate need of a non-instance-based community feature. Again, with persistence should the original instance go down.

@trishalynn what do you mean? I didn't mention anything specifically about archivable.

@zkat Hmm, my misunderstanding. What about things being instanced and "going away" if the admin decides to pick up the ball and go home is worrisome to you?


1. That's too much responsibility and pressure on admins.
2. It strongly favors large, potentially well-funded instances, because people who care about longevity of their content must choose the most trustworthy ones Or Else.
3. This literally happens. It's happened to me. It's not great.

1. True. At the same time, I believe that there are robust tools available to help offset server costs, such as patreons and kofis and just plain monthly PayPal donations. Also, I think that the number of folks who are excellent at volunteer community moderation is larger than it used to be.
2. There are also smaller instances that can be well-supported if the community is tight-knit enough and the admin doesn't do too much advertising.
3. I'm sorry that it happened to you. 1/

@zkat If you ever do decide to do it, especially the "encryption from the start" thing, then that would be pretty amazing. 2/2

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