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Since this situation seems to be blowing up a lot of timelines, here are my personal guidelines for how I read funding/donation posts:

1. I have too many privileges to even consider asking for donations for myself.
2. I'll boost if I personally know the person and/or feel very strongly about the reasons for the donations/funding.

That said:

3. I *will* advertise my services based on my skills. There will be a rate sheet eventually.

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Dear Canadians,

Why do you use British/UK spelling for words like "honour" and "theatre" but not "realization" and "organization"? I thought I had mastered Canadian spelling and then my advisor told me to change the S's in words like those back to Z's.... which you pronounce as "zed" and not "zee".

I am trying to be a good PR. I am using kilometres and Celsius in my daily life. I read the Canadian Encyclopedia in my spare time.

Just.... can we have some consistency, please?

Love, Me

I find it funny that gamers are prone to assuming that life in a fantasy world is still based on DNA. I see arguments rooted in that assumption regularly and it makes me shake my head.

It’s arguably not even justified in science fiction.

Pls boost for visibility

Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

me/cfs & long covid article 

Another great piece from Ed Yong

Headline - Long COVID Has Forced a Reckoning for One of Medicine’s Most Neglected Diseases

summary - Only a couple dozen doctors specialize in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Now their knowledge could be crucial to treating millions more patients.

Hey! Hi! Hello! I'm *very* new here, and this is my #introduction!

My name is Rose (she/her), I'm a recklessly optimistic nerd in the Twin Cities.

I've been in #IT for a while, and am still trying to find where I belong.

I'm #neurospicy, #queer, #introverted, #disabled, and I use too many heart emoji.

I enjoy #gaming of all kinds, but have a special place in my heart for cooperative games, be they be high or low tech. My current favorite is indie TTRPG Raccoon Sky Pirates.


@trishalynn so. I started like most bad presenters, with bullet points. Then I changed those to animate them in, point by point. Then I realized they should each be their own slides. Then I started drawing them.

I think most people think they need fewer slides because they cram too much shit on them.

👍 Criticising your friends is cool
👍 Receiving critisism from your friends is cool
👍 Growing together is cool 🌻

Re-launched my online bird art shop under a new name! (It actually didn’t have a name before) Say hi to Pigeon Post! 🐦📬

I think trying to emulate Twitter, Insta, FB, etc is a core piece of the problem.

Yeah, making those experiences open source is a step in the right direction, but we need to reimagine the social media concept itself because those paradigms were normalized without our interests in mind.

It's past time to let those ideas go.

What Really Walks Alone in Hill House? A THREAD by Barb Lien-Cooper: (Note: MANY SPOILERS AHEAD. You Have Been Warned. GO READ THE BOOK FIRST.)

#HillHouse #HauntingofHillHouse #TheHaunting #Haunting #ShirleyJackson #Spooky

When Pullman built his company town, he issued workers housing based on their rank in the company.

Foremen got cottages, conductors got rowhouses, stokers and bricklayers got tenements.

Black porters got no housing, and lived mostly in nearby Bronzeville.

It just angers me that it was *clear* for anyone to see that the boss liked keeping his workers stratified into strict little categories. So why don't you see that unifying is the way to win?! Many did, but not enough.

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still thinking about how badly the unions fucked up at the time of the Pullman Strike by not joining white rail workers with the Black Pullman car porters.

Not only would this current situation be way different, I'd argue the entire 20th century would have been different. That one act of racist distrust really fucked us over

Reminded of the time when Rock Band was released with Rush's "Tom Sawyer" as one of the tracks. A Best Buy had a copy with a really jacked up drumpad kit, but I was bound and determined to give it a try.

Whomever did the level design did a good job because I was able to mostly go from memory of how the song went. Even with several of the pads being unresponsive I was able to make it to about the half-way point in the song.

I remember this kid's expression as he was just agog that I was able to tackle this song.

Son, I'd been practicing that moment since I was in high school.

Hopefully he was inspired to take on the challenge and practice his fingers off so he can impress the next generation.

some of y'all have recently been talking about how it's a shame more hearing people don't know some sort of sign language, or how you wish you could learn ASL.

well here is Bill Vicars, a skilled ASL instructor, giving lessons for free!

if you're wondering if he's any good, here are people on tumblr talking about why these videos are so excellent:

I read the official Figma presser, which said Adobe is 'deeply committed' to them remaining autonomous.

I've been in the tech game for 20+ years, and I can tell you straight up that's the kiss of death. That
never happens. That's what Yahoo said when they bought Tumblr. Or when FB bought Insta.

Of course, you can't expect corporate folks to be honest about eliminating competition, but the part where they just flat-out lie is what gets me.

Figma had a great run though but that's over.

I am loving this keynote speech at the CIRA annual general meetings regarding Cory Doctorow's new book about surveillance capitalism. My Q about what people can do to help unstick monopolies was upvoted, so my streak on asking Qs that other people also want to know answers to is intact.

He speaks of interoperability and also that there should be cross-discipline connections. Love it.

Harry Potter 'verse rhetorical question 

If house elves are "programmed" not to ask for payment for work, why don't more poorer families with lots of magical kids have them? The elves would love caring for the kids, wouldn't they?

Oh, hey....

Are house elves like yayas?

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