the worst thing about buying a house is the knowledge that the house payment becomes a better deal than the rent payment in 13 months

Wait no I'm wrong:

Full mortgage payment $2448/mo
Monthly rent for a 12 month lease: $2395/mo

So mortgage payment is $53 more expensive

EXCEPT: Paying rent with anything but cash incurs a $63.33 "convenience" fee.

plus you know this is a three bedroom two bath house on a 10,000 sqft property and not an apartment


@tevruden I view it as a "I don't have to fuck with it" fee.

Sure, owning a home is fiscally cheaper and equity is great, but I would have to hire people to do the tasks I physically cannot do and there's a lot of those.

I would have to ante up for, schedule, and shepherd through to completion. I'm not willing to do that so I outsource it to the building owner via rent.

(Plus the housing market in [REDACTED] is an orgy of WTF and price gouging.)

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@simon_bitdiddle see, i found out the issue with this:

We have an issue with the AC in our apartment: I've had to call the leasing office MULTIPLE times in the past four years but they never really fix it so i still get the fun of having to do the work of having to do everything MINUS paying for the work and it never /ACTUALLY/ gets fixed so i don't get to stop fucking with it.

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