"Unless the person OWNS the company they aren’t in control."

That's called "diffusion of responsibility."

Sorry, if you're management you gotta take /some/ responsibility for setting direction

That's why you're managing.

(I did check and the person I'm quoting has 'Manager' in their twitter bio)

Like, this ALSO the reason that Elon Musk Isn't That Great.

A CEO of a company of any actual size isn't weighing in in every single thing a company does.

Management delegates, and with that delegation comes responsibility for your actions.

They're not in /complete/ control but for every company there is there's some sort of decision making chain.

anyway the argument "well unless they own the company they're just doing their jobs" just feels disingenuous because while I can't quit just because I don't like something I *still* have some autonomy in my job.


@tevruden "Being accountable for their own actions, the actions of their reports, and the actions of their superiors" is part of the job. Anyone who believes otherwise is intentionally playing myopic out of self preservation. If you see something wrong and don't do anything about it, it doesn't matter how good you are at doing a role in the company, you're a liability as a person.

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