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So a couple of newsbots from one site or another showed up in my federated feed doing the same thing their cousins on Twitter do: post about each article they link 2-4 times in rapid succession.

Just what's going on there anyway? It's consistent across both platforms and only seems to happen with that kind of account. Are they all mangled the same way? Is it reposting for fixed typos (but 3-4 times in the same minute?)? Is it some ultra-dumb Do This To Get Moar Clickz(tm) strategy?

Poking around the edges of getting started on astrophotography.

It's a fun combination of "this stuff is extremely neat, I think I have the basic ideas, and I want to get more deeply into it" and "the abilities (and equipment) of people who've been at this for any amount of time are frankly terrifying."

*logs in for the first time in awhile*

*vanishes under ginormulous firehose of federated timeline*

Trawling through 19th century censuses and other vital records gets fun at times, in an "argh, why does this person have five birthdates spanning twelve years" kind of way.

Also, I kinda love the combination of flawlessly elegant penmanship and a grip on spelling and arithmetic that can best be described as "teflon."

(Seriously, dude - spelling a town name three different ways on the same marriage license? That probably took you more effort than getting it consistently would have...)

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Cloudflare is willing to pay $$$ for people to dig up prior art to smack down a patent troll.

So if you want to pick up a few bucks, there's a semi decent way to do it.

"Here's a small stack of materials you'll want to spend a few days researching/studying up on when you get back home. But just to make that more fun, we've arranged with Murphy to have your ISP blow a fuse or two to knock your home computer offline for a week or so. Have fun! :D :D :D"


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It's like "hey here's $120M in VC funding to build a smart juicer"

"thank god, my oranges can now DDoS the whole east coast"

Patiently waiting about two years for a Kickstarter project to roll out, only to find myself getting cranky at how long the "preparing download..." progress bar on the distribution page is chundering along with its ETA of, like, *ten* *entire* *minutes*!

Ahhh, human brains.

I'm trying to figure out if remembering I have access to the complete NYT archives is massacring my planned productivity, or simply replacing it with a different, unplanned flavor of productivity...

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Can we talk for a second about how annoying it is to hear people complain about emojis 'killing' language? They're *additional* information, not a replacement. I think this blog post makes the point well:

Hydrothermal vents in Enceladus? Yes please, I'm okay with people looking for/finding more stuff like that.

Space science news lately's at least been a nice mental break from the incredible foreheadsmackulousness of the last several days.

Now that I seem to sorta get the UI, time for now-whats!

Othermicrobloggingsite's basically an RSS reader and snark-harvester for me, not something I ever felt I *participated* in. Just as I was thinking of blogging again LJ figured out a way to set radioactive fire to its ruins.

(I'm actually almost impressed.)

Between the change of scenery, some spawn-some-words motivation and the reduced-but-there posting constraints, this could be fun.

o/` I am the very model of a modern standard hello world o/`

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