Patiently waiting about two years for a Kickstarter project to roll out, only to find myself getting cranky at how long the "preparing download..." progress bar on the distribution page is chundering along with its ETA of, like, *ten* *entire* *minutes*!

Ahhh, human brains.

@pstewart Ooh, new project? Two years in the making? I must learn more.

@trishalynn Oh, not *my* project - I KS'd a tabletop RPG book a couple years ago and it's finally feature-complete, so they showed the backers a digital version as a preview.

Of course this meant that the poor server the thing was distributed through basically got nuked from orbit..

@pstewart Oh dear. Would you say it was worth the money you used to back it?

@trishalynn @pstewart If it's the one I think it is, just getting the Seventy Maxims book was worth it IMO.

@shadur @trishalynn Thoroughly! The creator's the guy behind my favorite webcomic and Deserved My Money(tm) on principle anyway. I'm quite looking forward to the physical package showing up this summer.

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