A lot of my friends on Twitter seem to have a deep hatred of Mastodon, and I'm trying to figure out why. I can certainly understand just not wanting to use Mastodon, Lord knows, I'm here very rarely myself, but I don't understand the vitriol against it.


@twylo I've run into disdain for the idea of Yet Another Social Network a bunch. Setting up/migrating a new (personal) network on one's always a pain, especially if you're well established somewhere else.

Also after the last few years I could also understand people reflexively assuming anything that looks like a spinoff site is going to be another radioactive "free speech platform..."

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@pstewart @twylo I think that's probably it.

An activist group I was in was hitting limits on a free account for Slack, so we switched to a self-hosted Mattermost instance. It solved all our technical problems, but people never stopped complaining about trivial interface differences.

I've run into resistance trying to get people to use Matrix instead of Discord, or XMPP instead of anything. And then there's the nightmare of Google Drive.

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