It is kind of meteor out there right now. Think I was seeing one a minute for awhile.

Also ridiculously, *ridiculously* clear. I wasn't expecting to be able to (sort of) make out M42 with the naked eye given the state of mine, but there it is..

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@pstewart "kind of meteor" 👀

Also, M42 isn't too hard to observe, but that's pretty impressive that you could see it so clearly without help. My night vision is completely shot, so I doubt I'd be able to do the same.

@dragfyre My eyes could best be described as "I suppose I have eyes, yeah." I'm still getting floored now and then by how well the new glasses help. I feel like I'm a little outside of town right now instead of fairly deep in the suburbs, in terms of what I can see.

Beforehand seeing M42 at all was a non-starter; I could sorta see the nearby stars enough to find it in the telescope (where it's stunning!), but that's about it.

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