If you hate Windows, simply switch to Linux so you can hate Linux instead

@dragfyre Hmmm, I haven't yet found a way to do this. It looks like "News" is shorthand for "trending links." I have seen a few links trend, but not often.

The whole "Explore" section is relatively new: github.com/mastodon/mastodon/p

I work at a ccTLD (.IS), and lately we are seeing a *lot* of new accounts immediately registering multiple domains that all had been registered in the past. I suspect we're not the only ccTLD that sees this.

We know of at least two instances of this being used to take over social media accounts that had e-mails in expired domains set as backup e-mail addresses.

This seems to be organized and well-resourced.

Please double-check you don't use e-mails in any expired domains anywhere.


I will always retweet the Old Fashioned Hurgusburgus.

The first time I saw this I couldn't breathe.

RT @interpretantion@twitter.com

This is still funny

🐦🔗: twitter.com/interpretantion/st

d-fens.systems has no visible public timeline, its admin follows people on organized harassment instances, and it hosts a suspicious followbot.


It is wild that I'm going to have spent my 20s as a tech early adopter and I'm probably going to die a bitter Luddite because tech abandoned all pretense of being a prosocial hobby and became a playground for conspicuous energy consumption, deregulated predation, and centralized corporate information dominance.

@eilatan @trishalynn Shell access, yes! Node, kind of: we can happily do it, but we're not cost-competitive compared to platforms that are optimized for it; you'd be paying us for a managed VPS.

@trishalynn @eilatan Thanks for the recommendation! I can definitely do static sites. If you want to run a Python app, though, I recommend Fly.io.

Had an interesting start to a conversation yesterday about Mastodon servers, and the driving philosophy under them.

And how you're either aiming to create a service or a community, and how these actually have different motivations and requirements.

And I thought that was interesting.

@jay @trishalynn Yep! We use a Merkle tree implementation for Certificate Transparency. It's clever and a great match for certain specific problems. But there are tradeoffs: complexity, and a painful amount of computation once you're at large scale.

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