@evelynyap Alas! You're very welcome to stay, but I understand the weird empty feeling. It's hard to get a critical mass of users, and I haven't had time to actively promote the instance (or use it much).

A couple of changes to today:

Self-service registrations are closed because of a huge influx of spambots - but we'll happily give invitations to anyone, and any registered user can invite others.

We're spinning up the full-text search feature! It'll be available shortly.

@dragfyre Thanks for the heads up! I think we had this issue: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ I clobbered and recompiled the assets, and that did the trick. Last week's hardware upgrade allows much more RAM for Mastodon ops, so we shouldn't run into this again.

@dragfyre Excellent! Sorry about the trouble: it looks like ImageMagick got uninstalled during an upgrade, and I didn't get any warnings, just feature breakage.

@dragfyre Hmm, that's odd! I can't seem to reproduce the problem. Do you see it across multiple browsers/clients? Which ones? All thumbnails, or just some/many?

@loopychew Yup - more grad admissions are still pending, but definitely Canada.

@dragfyre Looks like a lot of them have disappeared! If an instance fails to clean up spambots after reporting, let me know and I'd strongly consider blocking federation with them.

Hi, folks! I've updated the terms of service. They now incorporate Sandwich's master terms of service. mastodon.sandwich.net/terms

I've made some major updates to the infrastructure. You'll hopefully see better performance. Enjoy!

@mitch Welcome! It's "federation" + "universe," a term for the universe of Mastodon instances: a whole bunch of operators run a whole bunch of independent copies of Mastodon, but they all interact as one big federation.

I've been banning the "watch blah free online" spammers' local accounts, but they're still all over the federated timeline. Working on some strategies to screen signups, but spam filtering the fediverse is going to be tougher.

We're joining many other companies to urge @AjitPaiFCC to reconsider his attack on net neutrality. The @FCC must stop ignoring public and expert input in favor of cable/telco lobbyists, and it must stop ignoring attacks on its rulemaking process. docs.google.com/document/d/14N

@jeffmueller I think it's particularly extreme on our instance since we're small, and our users aren't following too many people. Our federated timeline will only get busier...

Apologies to everyone I had to leave out! (your instances are great too)

From Witches to Dolphins, These Are the Communities That Make Mastodon Great motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art #eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

"What we need is to come up with a centralised brand strategy for the OStatus network, in order to attract the sort of people who respond to branding, because network growth is important."

Woah. Back that train of thought right back in to the station and decommission the locomotive.

@angristan It is a little scary! When I use HPKP, I pin the roots for my current CA and at least one other, plus an emergency backup key that I store offline.

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