I'm seriously considering making my current website an archive and starting all over with a static page site built with Hugo and published on GitHub Pages.

I'm /so/ tired of WordPress. It feels like such a chore to log in and do anything, so I just don't do anything.

And I do miss longer form writing, but WordPress + Twitter just feels like howling into an actively hostile space; I'd rather howl into an uncaring void.

@eilatan What about WP is a chore for you these days? Back when I was blogging more frequently (like around 2010), I really did enjoy logging into WP, copying text from whatever word processor I was using (either Word or Google Docs), finessing it in WP, adding images, and posting. What do you think would make your blogging experience better? Did WP's source code become more hostile to tinkerers?

- Every time I log on, I have to update the software.
- The block editor is a nightmare.
- I think of things I'd like to do and I end up having to find a 3rd party plugin to do it even though it seems like basic functionality--like a contact form--which adds a security vulnerability and privacy concerns. Or the plug-in isn't being updated anymore.
- It's slow.
- I've decided I don't care about SEO or engaging with hostile social media algorithms.

@eilatan Yep, those are all definitely good reasons to not like using WP. My webhost doesn't like WP much either, but currently I do not feel like learning anything new. I wish you much luck in putting together something that works better for you.

@trishalynn I've been doing some looking around for a new webhost and there are a lot that only seem to support WP. I don't mind them saying "do this stuff at your own risk" but it's an annoyance when I can't deploy a python app on my webserver bc they straight up don't support it.

@eilatan You should talk to @jrenken because he's been my web host since 2011 and loves customers who know how to do their own website maintenance. He's also the admin for my Masto instance and you can find that his terms of service are very reasonable.

@trishalynn @eilatan Thanks for the recommendation! I can definitely do static sites. If you want to run a Python app, though, I recommend Fly.io.

@jrenken @trishalynn The python stuff is more like...tinkering at this point? I have an almost 10 year old WP blog that I would need to migrate (I'm not willing to just nuke it!) and a few other domains that aren't doing anything but holding landing pages.

Do you offer shell access and support node.js and Vue.js?


@eilatan @trishalynn Shell access, yes! Node, kind of: we can happily do it, but we're not cost-competitive compared to platforms that are optimized for it; you'd be paying us for a managed VPS.

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