I am reading the #Bluesky #ADX architecture outline. First impression is that it seems quite complicated. The topology looks a lot like the fediverse but everything is a Merkle tree and identity is tied to something that looks a lot like a blockchain.

@trishalynn @gargron Essentially a tree where each node includes a hash of its children. Useful if you want to look up a small piece of a big structure while verifying its integrity.


@jay @trishalynn Yep! We use a Merkle tree implementation for Certificate Transparency. It's clever and a great match for certain specific problems. But there are tradeoffs: complexity, and a painful amount of computation once you're at large scale.

@jrenken @jay @trishalynn

Likely shows the influence of Paul Frazee who joined Bluesky as protocol engineer, formerly of Beaker Browser and DAT project, which is now Hypercore protocol.


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