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@jason Have you noticed that there are two or three extremely noisy users in the federated timeline? And they have strong opinions about what this place should be. And they basically talk into the void.

Is it normal for the federated timeline to appear out of order?

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If I had my way, this is how my night would go: buffalo wings and potatoes of some sort, Zelda, beer and bourbon, pajamas, ice cream and cake, lots of Zelda, bed.

As an adult, I could totally do this. But because I’m an adult, I can’t do this.

Programming with children in the room: “Hey, how’d I get covered with stuffed toys and plastic dinnerware?"

Okay, fine, I’ve set this up as a Fluid app on my Mac.

People who don't properly indent their code should be fired out of a cannon into the sun.

Google: never ever ever ever EVER show me results from w3schools. Not ever.

Latest idea: open a beer and hot sauce shop.

(Already bought a domain for it, so now I *have* to do it, right?)

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