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@svens @jason I'm still figuring this out myself.

I've been running Wordpress for a while, and I have some workflows set up that let me post Status-formatted posts to WP that then get cross posted to Twitter. I show them in a sidebar but not in the main feed.

I might swap out this functionality for posts.

@jason Ah, well, yeah, I haven't posted anything yet. πŸ˜…

@jason Nope! But as a supplement, it's pretty nice.

And I think I can set up a sidebar on my WP site to pull in the posts.

Okay, is really nice. Really really nice.

I cannot take credit for the phrase "Be the STFU you want to see in the world.” That was all @mdhughes.

Almost posted something political and then I remembered: β€œBe the STFU you want to see in the world."

@jason It's frustrating as hell. And then you introduce stuff like SASS and compilation tools like Gulp and whooooaaaaaaa now I'm angry again.

Oof. Ghostbusters episode showed the World Trade Center. ☹️

My kids are currently into The Real Ghostbusters, and apparently my impression of Slimer is spot-on. They dig it. BEST DAD EVER WOO πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

My wife asked me if I'd like to take a vacation to go storm hunting with her and I wanted to marry her all over again.

"Thunderstorms possible at 10:45pm."

BRING ON 10:45.

@jason Nice.

(Their tag line sounds like Twitter's marketing pitch.)

I think McDonald's missed an opportunity when they decided to call their larger Big Mac the Grand Mac instead of the Big-Ass Mac.

@jason One of my clients is a brewery/burger place in Portland. Every time I work on their website, I get crazy hungry and thirsty. I did a site for a pizza chain, too. Same problem.

@bgrrtt I like that is cyberpunk themed. Other than that? No reason. :)

I registered for an account on today. Is there a way to migrate easily from one instance to another? Should I maintain two different accounts?

I had to restart my machine because rsync via a Capistrano script was failing to push compiled assets to two different servers.


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