Flat design should die in a fire. Except fire has detail and energy, and no flat design fuckwit would ever use those.

Things 3 is now an endless searing white Jony IVE-1138 void with unreadably thin text floating in it.
(I disagree utterly with the review)

And now I'll need a new task manager, as soon as Things 2 breaks. Let me add that to my tasks… Fuck.


@mdhughes All of this makes me want to switch back to pen and paper.

@jeffmueller I try that every so often, I have dozens of Field Notes, but it's hard to copy/paste or grep dead trees.

I'm just trying really hard not to write my own and have to maintain it.

@mdhughes Yup. Software always ends up winning because I can sort, rearrange, copy, paste, add notes. Harder to maintain that on paper.

I've started and abandoned a couple of todo apps, but I'm pretty sure every programmer has.

@jeffmueller I wrote a library and command-line tool, but stopped myself from building a UI.

@mdhughes My last attempt was a CLI app, too. Didn't get too far with it before I gave up and went back to OmniFocus.

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