Okay, Micro.blog is really nice. Really really nice.

@jeffmueller is there anything about it that will make you jump completely away from your current WP site?

@jason Nope! But as a supplement, it's pretty nice.


And I think I can set up a sidebar on my WP site to pull in the Micro.blog posts.

@jeffmueller @jason Hi Jeff. I got my invite on Monday as well. I like it to, but still have to figure out how I can tie blog, micro.blog and this together in a way that makes sense.

How do you plan to do this if I may ask?

@svens @jason I'm still figuring this out myself.

I've been running Wordpress for a while, and I have some workflows set up that let me post Status-formatted posts to WP that then get cross posted to Twitter. I show them in a sidebar but not in the main feed.

I might swap out this functionality for Micro.blog posts.

@jeffmueller @jason I was thinking about similar. Do you use IFTTT​ for that? Micro.blog has a RSS feed for new and one with replies. This should make it fairly easy to get it them to WP at least.

For me it would be almost easier the other way round, but it seems that Micro.blog at least at them doesn't take in full feeds, only the title.

@svens @jeffmueller hey, I don’t want to ruin y’all’s productivity tomorrow, but do you know about webmention and the other protocols mentioned and used here? boffosocko.com/2017/04/05/mast

@jeffmueller @jason Jep. I'm familiar with some of it. I will have to wrap my head around all of this.

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