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CW: blood 💉🩸 😱 

What happened yesterday Saturday:
They took my blood! 😳

😱 Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!
(Screaming like Macaulay Culkin.)

The nice lady also gave me a little cut in my arm and watched me bleed. 😳⁉️ It's a test called Bleed Time.

I made sure to let her know what a chicken I am. It sounded like torture when she first told me what was gonna happen. Nah, she was cool. 👍

I didn't pass out. 😅

Yeah. That's a picture of all the blood she extracted. It's a miracle i didn't faint.

So about moving house [again], got a message from the admin. @jrenken is a real human and hasn't abandoned the . 😁 So I guess it won't just expire and evaporate. 🤪

But it's still kinda creepy -- like a ghost town. I moved in and then it's like I own the town coz no one else appears to be in it. I wonder about all those people that joined Yes, it does have other members. What happened to them? Ghosts? 😳

I'm trying* to sleep. Honestly.
I'm not still* awake because I'm reading the timeline here.
I just checked briefly because* I can't sleep.
There's a difference. ☝️🤪

Okay. Going offline now...

Earlier, sent me a warning on my phone about an in . My location is far but within the affected region. The message got to me seconds before the earthquake reached my current location, which happened about a minute after it started in Mindoro. Interesting. 🤔

On the other hand...

When I get heavy "orange" alerts from our whatchamacallit agency, it's already way into a ton of heavy rainfall. 🙄 I guess it's better than nothing.

Opinions, please.

I'm thinking of moving* again. I'm starting to find it creepy that after all this time being on I'm still the only living soul actively tooting there. Who would think an instance could be so there but so dead? Not even the admin/s use it! 😕 I might as well run my own private instance. (Which I can't/won't do coz I don't know how and it's too much work.)

Am I the only one who thinks this is creepy weird?

Of course moving means I lose followers again. 🤷

Very short notice.

Earlier today Thursday I asked my clients* if I could have Friday off for medical reasons. I'd actually already made up my mind to not delay any longer (whether the agency* liked it or not), but it's always good to ask. ☝️

"Yes, of course!" was my clients' very quick answer.

Yeah. My clients love me.

Personal health matters 😐 

Went out Monday.
Calves hurt Tuesday. Blamed it on too much walking.
Wednesday I realized, um, (without getting into the details)... this is NOT normal.
So I'm thinking Thursday I'll ask my client* for Friday off.
Asked agency* whether we can count that as sick leave or vacation leave.

Need 2-week notice for vacation leave and
I'm not having an emergency* nor getting hospitalized* YET, so...


Fine! I'll just break my perfect attendance streak!! 😡

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Why am I still awake 😖
I should be sleeping.
Rainy weather.
Nice and cool.

And yet
I'm wide awake. 😳

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I don't know if I have any blind followers or not, but if anybody that is blind is reading this.. it would be awesome if you could take a look at our Translation Site #SimplyTranslate and tell us what we can improve to make it more blind-user friendly

Here's The Link:

(Boosts Appreciated)

Personal medical matters 🙏 

Started the consultation by telling the her she's number 3. I got her attention. 😉

She wanted a lot of tests done to solve the mystery, also since I haven't done any checkup for my other, uh, stuff in 2 years.

Expensive hospital. Total cost of just the tests is equivalent to about a month's salary. 😳

And I thank God for HMO! 😊🙏 Thought they might say no to some tests, but they covered it all. Doing tests later this Saturday. 😬💉

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Home at last.
'Twas a very productive day. 👍

So very tired.
Got a couple of hours to.....

Out & about. At another old favorite restaurant. Utensils wrapped in paper napkin is fine. But I gotta deal with the tape.

Oh well...

Personal medical matters 🙏 

Today will be my 3rd attempt to get diagnosed for a strange swelling/pain in my shin that's been going on a couple of months now.

1st try: General Surgeon.
No diagnosis. No recommendations. "That's normal. If it's trauma there'll be pain & swelling."

>1 month is normal??!
And I didn't* get hit in the shin. 🤨

2nd try: General Physician.
Why did I come to him, he asked. I should see a specialist, he said. A general surgeon. 🙄

3rd time's the charm?

Lately I've been going out weekly, unlike before when I only went out once every 2-3 weeks. Should be okay. I exercise the same old precautions. Many people already vaccinated and our city doing pretty okay with numbers.

I haven't been good at checking my [many] personal so I missed a lot of messages and now my .email domain registration has expired.

I know. My fault.

And because I'm not happy with deviously increasing prices a few times without informing me ahead of time, I am done donating* to their business. Not paying for the Recovery + Renewal. So upset with them that I'm willing to lose that domain.

So now I have to fix all the bazillion logins that use my .email addresses. 🤪

Ya know, if people didn't insist on using I may have a more decent option for a -- other than the badly-placed built-in webcam on my computer. 🙄

Interesting conversation at today's .

Googled some examples:

Former Atheist Uses Reason to Find God

Lee Strobel, a former investigative journalist, sought to debunk the claims of Christianity but his research led him down an unexpected path.

It'll take forever for me if I tried to do research like what those former atheists did.

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