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Seems my boss is oblivious of my work hours. Called me 11 minutes after my shift and had me on a Zoom call for 1.5 hours beyond my work hours. 😖

So. Very. Tired. 💤💤

It has arrived! And it works! 👍

First time I swapped key caps on any keyboard ever. So nice that it came with a tool for that.

I'll probably revert back to the original black key caps. The colored ones don't allow the backlight to shine through. 🤷‍♀️

It caters to gamers so it has 2 extra modes where only select keys are lit. But I don't really care for that. Pretty cool though.

Happy me. 😊

What a nice discovery! I didn't know there were wireless mechanical . 😳

Found this dual connection (wireless or wired) RGB TKL . Reviews are good.

Yeah. I ordered one.

Picked the black (although the white looks really pretty) with blue switch keys. It'll be for my old Surface Pro 3 that only has a one (temperamental) USB port. Yes, it's a justified expense. 🤪

Pothos 🌱 I see white crystals. Now I'm confused. 

Day 155
Day 1

Got my N'Joy yesterday. I noticed that compared to the younger leaves (and compared to the leaves of Golden), the larger leaves felt like dry paper. Then I realized there was actually a white layer of i-don't-know-what on the leaves. So I wiped them off.

Then today I see white crystals in the . 😳 Hwaaaaat?!

It's growing a new leaf though. So it's ok?

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Pothos 🌱 And then there were two... 

Day 154
Day 0

Well, my Golden has survived 5 months with me. I'm thinking I'm allowed to adopt another . 😁 I'm also thinking it deserves a friend, so I got an N'Joy Pothos to keep it company.

I'll probably put the N'Joy pot on top of a Timon mug, just like the Golden one.

Yes, I have another 3-dimensional Timon head mug. No shame in that. 🤪🍺 @plants

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Out & about. This is very much looking like the 😃

Staff informed me they'll be serving my beverage in a For Here mug, much to my delight. 😄 I asked if that meant they're allowing tumblers. They still won't take* it. They'll recognize it and give the cup discount but not take it and put your order in it. (You're free to transfer your drink from the For Here mug to your own tumbler, of course.) Fair enough. 😃👍

People are weird. They organize a get-together like they're so excited and eager, then the night before the date they cancel with excuses that could've been scheduled or known sooner.

Not an oh-no-boss-called-I-must-report-for-work-tomorrow kind of excuse, but a hey-I-got-a-doctor-appointment-for-my-kid-tomorrow and a the-nanny-will-go-for-her-vaccine-tomorrow-so-I-gotta-babysit.

I'm not happy.

I loved this keyboard. Small but well-designed that I could actually type well and fast on it. Connects quickly.

It's 6 years old. First the K key got problematic, but not totally dead. Then it's the M and N keys, then 3 arrow keys. Now I'm unable to get to the square brackets.

Is this a normal thing with ?
Do I toss this now? 😐

Now watching

Not exactly . Nowadays they pre-record since they don't congregate at the center anymore. Also available for watching later, on demand.

I want one. 🚲 

48V 500W LG 12.8A Lithium
12.8ah pure electric endurance 60km
Brushless motor
Aluminum Alloy
26-inch 4-link aluminum alloy frame
Aluminum shoulder iron legs mechanically lock the front fork
Sealed shaft
Haomeng AC49 3-level chainring
Variable speed 21SP
S866 liquid crystal instrument
5step power
Mechanical disc brake, brake off
TX30 finger pull, TY500 pull before, TZ500 pull after

Hmm... I'll soon be entitled to some leave. I should* use it. This year.

I better start planning.

Still not doing any traveling. Nope. Even if it's allowed. All the prep, getting tested, requirements [maybe], possibility of future restrictions or lockdown and having to cancel... Such a hassle. 😐

What to do, what to do... 🤔

? ? !

Things that may be cause for concern:
* Pulling up in front of the building where your was and it's now occupied by a different business. 😮
* Trying to access a bank's . It's taking forever. Doesn't load at all! 😖
* starting on a very and asking for my recovery key AGAIN. 🙄
* Windows message saying BitLocker is suspended. 😶
* Clicking on Resume Protection and having Windows tell you "A compatible TPM Security Device cannot be found" 🤨

I was really tired, okay?
Besides, it wasn't a scheduled call or I'd be ready for it.
And it's already Saturday for me.
I go into hibernation on Saturdays.

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About an hour after work our team leader at the agency called and got a few of us together for announcements. I was already in bed and joined the call on my phone. Most joined the call on our mobiles. Cameras were not turned on. I was the first to join the call, we had a li'l chitchat. Took her maybe 20 more minutes to get all others to join the unscheduled call. Then we started. More friendly chitchat before the actual agenda... and 😴... Woke up hours later not knowing what was discussed. 😅

I love my job i love my job i love my job i love my job... 😁 

No, I'm not a rock star.
No, not a rocket scientist.
Not a techie.
Not an entrepreneur.
Nothing glamorous or glorious.

But this Tuesday's my 1-year anniversary. 😊

So thankful to be able to .
Thank God for my good clients/co-workers.
I'm thankful that they appreciate my efforts.
And I thank the Good Lord for the pay raise!! 😊🙏❤️

Hallelujah!!! 🤗🤸‍♀️💃

😁 hehe...

Yeah. I'm happy.

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