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Sometimes the characters leave nonsense messages. Sometimes they give good . This is a combination of good and nonsense.

"Las personas que sufren de crónico deben evitar tomar después de las 8pm. ¡No poder es como una tortura!"

Don't drink coffee after 8pm??! But it's always after 8pm somewhere in the world! What nonsense! 🙄


At least my mango shake came in a proper glass and they didn't seal my food in some wrapping. 🙄

Why did they give me water in a paper cup? I didn't even ask* for water! 🙄

Out & about. At a favorite again. It wasn't like this the last time I was here. Kinda disappointed. ಠಿ_ಠ

Is it just me or did they just waste a paper sleeve, sticker, and paper cup?

They're going to wash that plate anyway, right? So what if the beverage is served in a washable reusable glass? And so what if the cutlery came just like the plate... with no paper sleeve or wrapping?

Unbelievable. ಠ﹏ಠ

So my computers just got their .

The big clunky restarted with its keyboard lights strobing. ⁉️ I had set it to just use a single color with no special effects. Now it's acting like it's brand new. 😐

The is scarier. It restarted to this blue message. Fortunately I remember where I kept the bazillion-digit recovery key. 🙄

Hopefully those are the only weird things about the update. 🤞

Dear ,
Please don't break my .

I did it!!
I won!💃

And now...
The thrill is gone.

I'm bored. 😕

I'm addicted to this .
I can only get up to 1024 though.
Could never get to #2048.

Okay, in reality, I'm not that into mode (talking about here). If I were paranoid I'd always surf with a . And i don't.

I find useful for logging into the same service with a different account/username at the same time that I'm logged in with my regular account. With browsing, I don't have to log out of one identity to use another. ☝️

Actually I've found some bookmarked and starred toots that I'm pretty sure I didn't bookmark or star. I'm very picky with what gets bookmarked.

I should probably not browse while laying in bed. Don't know what's getting tapped anymore...

I've been bad. Ate a big serving of Nongshim Shin Ramyun spicy instant noodles. 🌶️🍜 Now I'm stuffed. Definitely not healthy eating. 😛

So I've no personal account but keep a dummy account for research/work. A stranger* messages:

👩 Are you available to chat?
🤓 Hello, __. What's up?
👩 Good day pwde mag ask ma'am c __yap member sa 4ps imung ni anak mag update unta mi ug nag school ba cya karun
🤓 Sorry, you got the wrong person. I don't know __yap.
👩 Okay staff ni 4ps maam
🤓 I don't know anything about 4ps. Sorry, you got the wrong person.

Could've just ignored her. But didn't want her to feel snubbed 🤷

This is NOT fun! 😖

There are instructions to
yunohost domain cert-install your.domain.tld

and other commands* but it's like doesn't understand them at all. It just shows
usage: [blah blah blah]

I'm on this screen. If I press Enter twice it then says Incorrect (of course) and then asks for the login and password... which I never set up.

What login and password am I supposed to enter? 🤷 @PeteMoss

Oh, and I skipped the LVM/encryption thingy during installation to make it go faster. I'm still learning anyway.

But, goodness, I can't even get past the login.

What login?? I'm just starting here! 😖

Help. :( I hope you're the right people to ask...

I opted to use [whatever] And now it wants the login and password of [whatever]

There was no setup for adding a login name and password. What am I supposed to use there?

Yup. The computer is definitely unresponsive now. Like previously, except that time it only had a blank screen.

Restarting the computer. 🙄

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So I'm reinstalling and the computer restarted. Later it shows "loading".

It's been like that a long time now. I'm about to give up. 😐

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