Oh, and I'm already planning on getting a middle/center kickstand -- supposedly weighs about 650g. Just coz I don't want my bike being wonky.

And I don't even have my bike yet! 😅

That does not* look heavy at all. 😶

I'll post a photo of my when I get it. You'll probably go 😳 >> 🙄 >> 🤦‍♂️!


I was planning on joining the but I'm still on a call. 😐 A veeeeery long call. 🤷‍♀️

Happening in about an hour from now, at 20h UTC / 16h EST

@josias says:
"we'll be studying John 16 at 20h UTC (an hour later than normal)... As usual, everyone who would like to join is welcome, regardless of religious background... click this link to join:
meet.jit.si/FediverseBibleStud ... Several people have already said that they plan to attend, so it should be particularly fun today."

Note to self. A nudge. No backing out. 😐 

"If... only a hobbyist or an amateur, you can shrug off the pressure on how much your bike weighs... make up for it by upgrading your own fitness level... It’s not the bike. It’s the biker.

One can always go for a much lighter bike but... other things to consider: Do you feel comfortable? Does it feel stable?... And of course, how deep is your pocket?..."

Source: thexfire.com/bike-weighs

I will report once i get my bike. 😉

The vendor isn't an actual bike shop though. But it does have the particular model i want. I'll have to get my helmet elsewhere. 🤷‍♀️

I'm feeling a little better now about my ridiculously heavy choice. 🙃 thexfire.com/bike-weighs

Because honestly, I'm starting to chicken out and am thinking maybe I'm making a lousy decision.

No, no.
Must go through with it.
Must. Start. Cycling. 😳❗
Long overdue already.
Gonna huff, and puff,
and blow the fear [laziness] away!


My options are limited. Did my scouting online & will visit 1 online vendor that sells the "best compromise" I found. Hope they'll be accommodating. They reluctantly gave their address. 🙄

What do I need?
One to rule them all [for me]! ☝️

Meaning, I don't want to feel like buying another* later because:
oh I'm not so happy with these little wheels anymore;
I want something more [whatever];
I've improved & it's time for an upgrade.

No. 😐

For a long time I pined for this.
That was a long time ago.
Nothing became of it.
And nothing will ever become of it.

Not planning on importing.
Besides, it's sold out.

This is not to say that I'm getting a lady's bike. 😜

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What I really want is _____
but what I'll really get is _____.

Of course, I won't know for sure till it finally unfolds in the first week of September.

🎵 it's been a hard day's night
And I've been working like a dog 🎶
🎵 It's been a hard day's night
I should sleeping like a log 🎶

But nooooo... I'm still awake. 😶

It's an option they made for foreigners, I think. The "alphabet" is the same for China and Taiwan. And they probably don't call it alphabet. 🙃

What I really want is _____
but what I'll really get is _____.

Of course, I won't know for sure till it finally unfolds in the first week of September.

re: Almost afraid to say this out loud for fear of jinxing it. 🙃 

Maybe Sunday is better. Saturday is the day of the week when i sleep the most. 😅

@22 @pixouls
I think the popularity of Cantonese is due to Hongkong. Yeah, Taiwan would be a good place to find Hokkien stuff.

And about that Spotify playlist, the 2nd song there is Mandarin and the one titled Happy is again Hokkien. Not my kind of music though, so i didn't listen to the rest of it.

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