I love my job i love my job i love my job i love my job... 😁 

No, I'm not a rock star.
No, not a rocket scientist.
Not a techie.
Not an entrepreneur.
Nothing glamorous or glorious.

But this Tuesday's my 1-year anniversary. 😊

So thankful to be able to .
Thank God for my good clients/co-workers.
I'm thankful that they appreciate my efforts.
And I thank the Good Lord for the pay raise!! 😊🙏❤️

Hallelujah!!! 🤗🤸‍♀️💃

😁 hehe...

Yeah. I'm happy.

Work. Assessment. 🤓 

Today my agency* team leader will have a Zoom call with my client* team lead. About me. Normally the agency TL will touch base with the client regularly. Mine hasn't done so in months -- I'm one of the low-maintenance ones. No fires for the agency TL to put out. 😇

I don't have anything to worry about.


Or do I? 🤔

We shall see. 😅

Our team of fellow folks love to hang out. We couldn't use Glip since it's paid and controlled by the . So we tend to use Skype, just because we're already on it too and it's free. Not good though.

Today, after enduring bad audio during our chat/acoustic session, I recommended we move our hangout to .

See, I knew the problem wasn't us! 😁


👍 👍 👍

Shady. 🤨 

What could possibly go wrong?


... take part in improving
... collect documents
... will be used to train
The project is to collect ...
... submit as many documents as you want, ... receive ... $XX for every document that meet our requirements ...
... collect ... and submit to us:
1. Purchase Orders
2. Order Confirmation
3. Delivery Note
4. Payment Advice or Remittance Advice

Here I am. 🙋 Doing anew. Since my 1st intro, a lot has changed:

I now , thanks to . I'm not a geek, but I get to say that I work for a company 😉 that does . My official role is but because my manifested itself useful, I've also become the designated elf. 😊

Blame the 🦎 

Because of the reptilian invader I felt the need to put away my stuff and close my desk.

Normally, I leave the desk flipped down and my computers set up on it. The upper shelves I use as extra desk space so I kept them open too.

But no thanks to the unwelcome I now feel the need to shut my desk... lest it decide to hide in there and frighten me to death.

Maybe I'll be brave and use my desk later, or just work in bed. 🙄

Today I snitched on a coworker. Can't help it. Had to do it. 

Finally told my boss. Not the popular thing to do. Hope I haven't ruined his day. But I couldn't get any peace. It's wrong. Not criminally wrong. But still.

The thing with is that you just have to trust that everyone's doing their part. Not difficult if you already know that you can trust the people to do their part.

The thing with cheating is if your coworker is Evelyn, don't do it. You'll get caught. 🤨

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