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"Many of us long to see lasting change happen in our lives and around the world. The question is, where do we begin? ... Catch the livestream on August 22 ... 9am ... "

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Coming soon. This Sunday.* To a screen near you. 

* That's Saturday 9PM & midnight replay, US Eastern Time.

Looks like Pastor Ricky Sarthou will be preaching.

"Many of us long to see lasting change happen in our lives and around the world. The question is, where do we begin? ... Catch the livestream on August 22 ... 9am ... "

😵 It's all Greek to me...

Philippine Genome Center Biosurveillance Report showing numbers for Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, P3 variants

Back home after another errand day. Mostly just sitting outside the doctor's office and groceries. Don't wanna go out for the next 2~3 weeks.

Due to & ⬆️📈, we're on now

then switching to the stricter on August 6, for 2 weeks. No dining in, only takeout & deliveries. Curfew hours 8pm-4am. Only select people can go out. There'll probably be checkpoints.

We gotta do what we gotta do. 🤷


Earlier, sent me a warning on my phone about an in . My location is far but within the affected region. The message got to me seconds before the earthquake reached my current location, which happened about a minute after it started in Mindoro. Interesting. 🤔

On the other hand...

When I get heavy "orange" alerts from our whatchamacallit agency, it's already way into a ton of heavy rainfall. 🙄 I guess it's better than nothing.

Haven't been out 3 weeks now.
Looking forward to Monday .
Gonna get some sun ☀️, groceries 🛒, meds 💊 and do some walking 🚶🏻‍♀️.

We are currently on . Under the updated rules, restaurants can have dine-in customers up to 10% capacity.

It is what it is. 😐 Though some businesses will surely not survive, I hope the people all do, somehow. 🙏

On a very sad, serious note...

A friend's very elderly dad-in-law passed away this weekend. ⚰️ He had . He was hospitalized in even though he lived in Manila.

83 kms away.
No room in the hospitals.
Not just ,
but in the .

They're willing & able to spend on a private hospital.

Nada. No room.

Go ahead, world. 😠 Take it lightly. Watch the hospitals fill up and reject your loved ones when they most need medical care.

When people act like rebels and bitch about measures being taken to control the situation, they are merely exhibiting their foolishness.

Ya think all your complaining makes you smart?

There are good reasons for rules and precautions. The authorities are not stupid, however we dislike/doubt/accuse them. Doctors know better about germs than you do.

A graph from the COVID-19 Philippine Situationer, 15 March 2021, showing Confirmed Cases By Date Of Onset Of Illness (Nationwide) and part of a PDF page showing the Rt value from 2 weeks ago at > 1. Ideal Rt is < 1. 😶

I do NOT like this trend. 😖


They say a man tested positive for a new variant of after* .

So we can exercise our brains a bit and consider that maybe he didn't have the virus before* he left his own country, before* he got quarantined*. Maybe he picked it up at the other country's airport or maybe even at the quarantine facility.

And yet they write the news and pass it around as if that guy indeed brought the virus into that other country.

Philippine COVID-19 cases bulletin 

Not good. Numbers for new cases going up. 📈

New cases are over 3k now.

6.6% active cases
91.3% recovered
2.09% died

1.7k tested positive out of the
19.9k people tested yesterday

95.3% mild/asymptomatic


"Philippine General Hospital Director Dr. Gerardo Legaspi receives CORONAVAC vaccine. He is the first medical frontliner to be vaccinated against COVID-19." 🤓👍

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It's happening!
Medical frontliners are getting vaccinated!

Making progress towards .

Oops. That Rt value was from 2 weeks ago but looking at the graphs the actual trend now* is ⬆️.

Possible reasons for the ⬆️ trend: people getting too relaxed, getting careless; new variants (no proof here, just 1 more possible thing that may contribute to new cases).

Haven't been paying attention to the the past few months. Must keep myself updated. ☝️

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The planet has gone loco! 😱

, the , normally cool but not too cold, records lowest so far:

"Late February is usually... when the temperature in Baguio City starts to rise...

this year... Baguio City has recorded the lowest temperature...

Last month, the lowest temperature recorded was 9.4°C... February 21, 2021, at 5:00 AM PAGASA Baguio recorded the lowest temperature at 9°C"


Panda Express is in my city! And it's at one of my favorite malls. Will have to try it next time I got out for errands. 😋 I hope their food quality is consistent around the world.

According to the :
😶 new positive cases 1646
👍 number of those tested today 26882
🙏 almost 94% of total cases are Mild and Asymptomatic cases

if you can

CrappyVideo # 020 "Butiki"
Play time: 1min 49sec
01 Feb '21 footage

Suddenly I had reason to post another . As you'll see, I totally didn't plan this. 😱

Dear God, 🙏 You know freak me out. I'm sorry I stopped making .😭 I will post more videos, no matter how crappy or silly. Please please please, no more lizards. 😶🙏

by Evelyn

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