Note to self. A nudge. No backing out. 😐 

"If... only a hobbyist or an amateur, you can shrug off the pressure on how much your bike weighs... make up for it by upgrading your own fitness level... It’s not the bike. It’s the biker.

One can always go for a much lighter bike but... other things to consider: Do you feel comfortable? Does it feel stable?... And of course, how deep is your pocket?..."


Out & about. Paper straws. 

Due to my failed errand run, I decided to treat myself:
🥯 Spanish chorizo, egg, cheese sandwich
🍺 Coffee jelly frappuccino
🥭 Mango Greek yogurt granola (takeout)

Wasn't thinking when I ordered the frapp. Since they'd done away with the old green plastic straws, only . Pretty sure I'm ingesting some adhesive there. Oh, and it broke. Had to get another one.

: Next time bring my stainless steel straws when out & about. Just in case. ☝️

Out & about. Errands. 

Was at the 3 whole hours. Not* fun. Got there early @ 8AM. Very few people. Then after 8:30 people started pouring in. Germs!! 😷 Could've stayed a half hour less, but I didn't know the process...

Should've gotten Books of Records stamped/registered while waiting for Certificate of Registration. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Didn't know a different person handled it.

On the bright side, I finally got my CoR!! 💃 I feel so legit now. 😅

✅ mask + face shield + hand sanitizer

This coming long weekend is probably a good time to see the too...

Hmm... Even with what I thought was an obvious joke (because, you know, it's not something you should be doing) AND even with an upside down smiling emoji, the joke is lost. The recipient of the message thought I was serious and gave a lengthy, detailed explanation on why it's not a good idea. Wow. 😐

Maybe some people can't pick up jokes from written words, but... don't emojis mean anything anymore? 😕

No more for her. In fact, avoiding any interaction from here on.

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