Hmm... I'll soon be entitled to some leave. I should* use it. This year.

I better start planning.

Still not doing any traveling. Nope. Even if it's allowed. All the prep, getting tested, requirements [maybe], possibility of future restrictions or lockdown and having to cancel... Such a hassle. 😐

What to do, what to do... 🤔

? ? !

Out & about. At a favorite again. It wasn't like this the last time I was here. Kinda disappointed. ಠಿ_ಠ

Is it just me or did they just waste a paper sleeve, sticker, and paper cup?

They're going to wash that plate anyway, right? So what if the beverage is served in a washable reusable glass? And so what if the cutlery came just like the plate... with no paper sleeve or wrapping?

Unbelievable. ಠ﹏ಠ

How long can department stores survive like this? 🤔 

This photo was from a few weeks ago. Not another shopper in sight! 👀

It seems that businesses are doing catch-up now.

More people are getting vaccinated.

Yesterday I saw people going back to their old habits of hanging out (squatting 🙄) at cafes with their laptops. Limited seating. ☝️

The parking lot that was converted into an outdoor dining/seating area a few weeks ago is now back to being a parking lot again.

Out & about. What's become of our cinemas... 

The mall I went to had 11 and 1 IMAX theater. All have been closed since our started in March 2020.

Depending on the level, sometimes entertainment venues are allowed to operate. With restrictions, of course.

But apparently this mall has other plans. Too cautious? Perhaps they're being smart and pivoting instead of waiting for things to go back to the . 👍

Errands. Out & about. 

I don't know what the deal is with all the extra at when dining in.

To me it's like they're saying that their standards pre-covid* weren't good enough.

Come on. 🤨 I know somebody handled the cutlery before it got in the plastic sleeve. And y'all servers should be constantly sanitizing anyway.

What the heck is the plastic for? 🙄

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Out & about. Errands. 

Monday morning. I'll be stepping out again.

A lot getting done today. While I'm out, repair guys will come to [hopefully] fix the A/C. Then our reliable helper will clean my room.

Not much to do this time. Just some junk food. 😜

Going out mainly to get a haircut and to return a defective robot vacuum cleaner. ☝️

Funny, I never had to get an to the before. But... it's different these days. 🤷‍♀️

To survive and serve the needs of patrons, businesses gotta keep adapting. Last time I was at this , this area here was still a carpark. Notice the yellow wheel stops and the faded white stripes painted on the ground.

Now it's an outdoor dining/seating area. 👍 This way people can do takeout* and have a place to sit and eat, even if it's not inside the restaurants (due to restrictions).

Haven't been out 3 weeks now.
Looking forward to Monday .
Gonna get some sun ☀️, groceries 🛒, meds 💊 and do some walking 🚶🏻‍♀️.

We are currently on . Under the updated rules, restaurants can have dine-in customers up to 10% capacity.

It is what it is. 😐 Though some businesses will surely not survive, I hope the people all do, somehow. 🙏

I must step out today. Need supplies. Unfortunately, supermarkets don't open early anymore. The earliest will be 10AM. 😐

I'll go out a little early anyway. Drive-through for a McDonald's breakfast meal and eat in the car while waiting for the stores to open. Gotta have some Egg McMuffin and hashbrown. 😋

Out & about. Bummer. 

Got out to pick up my receipts... because the lady told me last week they'd be ready this Monday. Arrived 8:30am. No receipts. She says maybe later this afternoon. 😶

There's a reason why I do errands as early as I can. I'm avoiding crowds and the lingering germs of those who already came and went.

Not sure I wanna be here in the afternoon. Especially with our numbers rising. I'll have to come back tomorrow morning. 😐

After over a year of not having any reunion with my batchmates, we finally had a via with as the main event. Interesting. The event was actually a success. 🤓

The unintended side effect of the is that those who have emigrated to other parts of the world were able to easily join us and have the same experience as everyone else. Nobody had to fly. Nobody had to miss out.

Photo from inside . There's a cushioned bench against the wall. The sheet indicates where people can sit.

On the wall is a sign that says: "Everyone's Third Place. In support of the protocol, we kindly ask to be mindful and limit seating time, to enable us to serve all our customers. Thank you for your understanding and support."

The had actually brought on some sort-of-good changes. People here used to shamelessly hog tables & chairs... forever!!! 😅

Out and about. Starbucks Reserve. 😐 

Thought I'd treat myself to a Starbucks Reserve experience today. Forgot the name but I was going for a special coffee served with a scoop of ice cream. Asked for the menu then they tell me none of those with ice cream are available. So i settled for Shakerato Blanco. The experience just isn't the same with a plastic cup and paper straw. Tasted really good but felt like a regular Starbucks experience. Oh well. That's the @ . 🤷‍♀️

Mall escalator.
Yellow shoe prints spray-painted on every third step as a guide for .
I appreciate their efforts.
But I don't think the distance is enough.
Just saying. 😐

At another mall, it's every fourth step. 👍

Out and about. Brunch. Almost the Old Normal. 

Back in my fave resto. The 1-page laminated menu is gone and they're back to using a more traditional menu. New version: chicken balsamic still unavailable, but at least they now serve again 👍 -- unlike my fave -ish resto.

They're still using too much plastic though. 🤷‍♀️

Had the Tuscany personal meal: blue cheese , with prosciutto e tartufo, and chicken. 😋 🍝🥗🍗

Out and about. Brunch at a favorite resto. 

Looks like not serving is the here at Conti's. No coffee since they reopened. They still serve though. I don't get it. 🤷‍♀️ What does (which means need for ), (which means entertaining less customers) and limited services (to lessen likelihood of catching/spreading germs) have to do with coffee? 😶

Guess I'm not having any cake here. (No, it's not the same with tea.)

Out and about. Monday errands. 

Went to . Got my . Painless, speedy service. 👍

The queue moved fast enough. When my turn came the staff ushered me to go straight to Payment. I don't have to go to Encoding before going to Payment? Oh, okay. Oh, so the cashier can also do Encoding at her computer. Cool. Strange. She didn't ask to see my valid ID.

Yup, speedy service indeed. Can't complain. 🤷‍♀️

Out and about. My fave Italian resto 🍝 

Unlike my other fave that opted for menus, this resto has their menu in simple single-page form, laminated. Makes sense. Easier to clean/disinfect plastic-laminated single-page menus. What else is new? cling wrap covers over glasses, plates, utensils... And they provide a paper bag where you keep your used while you dine.

I don't think all that cling wrap is necessary. But that's just me. 🙄

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