CrappyVideo # 020 "Butiki"
Play time: 1min 49sec
01 Feb '21 footage

Suddenly I had reason to post another . As you'll see, I totally didn't plan this. 😱

Dear God, 🙏 You know freak me out. I'm sorry I stopped making .😭 I will post more videos, no matter how crappy or silly. Please please please, no more lizards. 😶🙏

by Evelyn

Here I am. 🙋 Doing anew. Since my 1st intro, a lot has changed:

I now , thanks to . I'm not a geek, but I get to say that I work for a company 😉 that does . My official role is but because my manifested itself useful, I've also become the designated elf. 😊

Shall I or shan't I? 

I'm thinking whether I should do another .

A crappy video about my robot vacuum.


@Mandaris asked if I'm doing another video anytime soon.

Shall I or shan't I? 🤔

And if you say that I should do another video -- no matter how amateurish and boring and crappy -- then you shall be incriminated and mentioned in the video and be identified as partly to blame for Crappy Video #20.

You've been warned. 😜


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