I'm trying* to sleep. Honestly.
I'm not still* awake because I'm reading the timeline here.
I just checked briefly because* I can't sleep.
There's a difference. ☝️🤪

Okay. Going offline now...

@evelynyap I know the feeling.. At some point I start thinking "what is sleep anyway? How do you fall asleep?", and then I won't fall asleep until the next morning. 🙄

I was supposed to sleep 10PM-6AM.
Fell asleep sometime after 10, woke up at midnight.
I stayed in bed hoping to get some more sleep.
I gave up at 5AM.
They can't say i didn't try. 🤪

@evelynyap ouch 😓 It's boring/frustrating to stay awake that long without falling asleep.. But at least you tried 😅

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