Earlier, sent me a warning on my phone about an in . My location is far but within the affected region. The message got to me seconds before the earthquake reached my current location, which happened about a minute after it started in Mindoro. Interesting. 🤔

On the other hand...

When I get heavy "orange" alerts from our whatchamacallit agency, it's already way into a ton of heavy rainfall. 🙄 I guess it's better than nothing.

@evelynyap Do you get many earthquakes there, Evelyn? Are you used to them?

@ChiaChatter It's common enough. Happens more in the southern portion of the country, I think.


Google? Isn't that the company that built a global mass surveillance system under the guise of "personalized advertising"?


I guess they will be remembered as..probably didn't want to be evil..ended up evil.

Yes. Google.

I think as long as we got smartphones and live in modern civilization, doesn't matter if we think we're avoiding Google. We're surveilled one way or another. Only real solution to the paranoia is to avoid tech altogether and get off the grid. 🤷

Ve are doomed! 😱

But seriously, Google has been helpful. Not gonna deny that. 😉


Whats your position? We can not operate without big tech companies?

What is the software that is not replaceable?

smartphone: buy a fairphone with google-free-android



jitsi - video-chatting

peertube - opensource Youtube

nextcloud - opensource Dropbox

mastodon - opensource Twitter

searx - opensource google search

onlyoffice - opensource office

matrix - opensource chatserver

element - opensource chatclient

The only 1 really useful to me out of all that you listed is . is no more special and no better than other free chat services out there. It's good enough for chatting with a few people, but has anyone tried doing a webinar with that? And let's not kid ourselves. We want to say that is a replacement to . But let's be honest, there is no comparison. Yeah, I've played with that too. I found no valuable/useful content there.

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