Yup. That one. I'm far from it but we felt it about a minute later.

Interesting thing is, informed me with an alert seconds before the got to my location. 😶

@evelynyap Uh oh!!!!
Hope all is ok.
BTW, hoping to join the Bible Study in just over 2 hours from now.
I should still have the Jitsi link in your toots.

@evelynyap Actually not finding the Bible Study Jitsi link in your feed.
Please send.

Here's the link meet.jit.si/FediverseBibleStud 🙂

Hopefully they'll have a today.
@josias is the ring leader. 😁

I won't be there. Got this BP monitor I'm wearing for 24 hours and they expect me to have 8 hours of sleep. Staying in bed and will sleep some more. 😐 (Woke up after only 2 hours. 🤷‍♀️) Gotta keep trying.

@evelynyap @josias Thanks for the link and for introducing me to Josias.
I do plan on being there.
Hope your study goes well. I had a sleep study the other week that had to be worn for at least 7 hours. Turns out I need a CPAP.

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