Opinions, please.

I'm thinking of moving* again. I'm starting to find it creepy that after all this time being on Mastodon.sandwich.net I'm still the only living soul actively tooting there. Who would think an instance could be so there but so dead? Not even the admin/s use it! 😕 I might as well run my own private instance. (Which I can't/won't do coz I don't know how and it's too much work.)

Am I the only one who thinks this is creepy weird?

Of course moving means I lose followers again. 🤷

@evelynyap Mastodon has a migration feature that will migrate your followers with you. 🙂

Losing followers (in migration) isn't the worst thing. More important is: how to choose my next "home". Where do I go?

I really don't want to keep moving. 😶

If there was a turn-key plug-and-play dummy-proof way to have my own instance, I'd do it.

And the cost (not too expensive, I hope), I'll consider it a justified therapy/health expense. 😅

@Gynux @jens
Interesting. I think I might go for that. 🤔

Still deciding. May be worth it. Mastodon is kinda like a second digital home for me. Gonna be worth it. Deciding whether to go for their free subdomain or have my own...


>If there was a turn-key plug-and-play dummy-proof way to have my own instance, I'd do it.

There is! Cofe Space will host a single user instance for you for free or very cheap, and Fediverse Express can set you up on your own VPS for a very small fee.
Ating in these Chads so you can chat with them about their options.


Thanks! I didn't know about those. Will check them out too. 🙂

@evelynyap I'd recommend theres.life, the instance that @josias manages. 😃

@josias @JonYoder
Aw, thanks! 🙂 Decisions, decisions. I'll sleep on it a few more nights. 😁

@evelynyap @JonYoder @josias I've been very content with theres.life. Fine place to be.
@evelynyap @josias
If you don't want to do that right now, just download your content and followers now and again just in case the instance disappears without warning.
A good thing about zot (hubzilla, friendica, zap, and, soon, roadhouse) is the nomadic identity offered. If tomorrow your instance goes down, you just open up your account in another one. zotlabs.com/

@jrmyj There isn't any info on the website. I guess they're not keen on getting a lot of users. 😕

@evelynyap OK. It can connect with Mastodon, but not in the Mastodon family.

@evelynyap I think it's wierd. It's probably better to move before the admin forgets to renew the domain.

@evelynyap i run my own pleroma instance now and manage it myself. Masto host is a good platform for sure

@n0btc Yeah, masto.host looks good. Seriously considering it. 🙂

@evelynyap Alas! You're very welcome to stay, but I understand the weird empty feeling. It's hard to get a critical mass of users, and I haven't had time to actively promote the instance (or use it much).

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