Personal medical matters 🙏 

Today will be my 3rd attempt to get diagnosed for a strange swelling/pain in my shin that's been going on a couple of months now.

1st try: General Surgeon.
No diagnosis. No recommendations. "That's normal. If it's trauma there'll be pain & swelling."

>1 month is normal??!
And I didn't* get hit in the shin. 🤨

2nd try: General Physician.
Why did I come to him, he asked. I should see a specialist, he said. A general surgeon. 🙄

3rd time's the charm?

Personal medical matters 🙏 

Started the consultation by telling the her she's number 3. I got her attention. 😉

She wanted a lot of tests done to solve the mystery, also since I haven't done any checkup for my other, uh, stuff in 2 years.

Expensive hospital. Total cost of just the tests is equivalent to about a month's salary. 😳

And I thank God for HMO! 😊🙏 Thought they might say no to some tests, but they covered it all. Doing tests later this Saturday. 😬💉

Personal health matters 😐 

Went out Monday.
Calves hurt Tuesday. Blamed it on too much walking.
Wednesday I realized, um, (without getting into the details)... this is NOT normal.
So I'm thinking Thursday I'll ask my client* for Friday off.
Asked agency* whether we can count that as sick leave or vacation leave.

Need 2-week notice for vacation leave and
I'm not having an emergency* nor getting hospitalized* YET, so...


Fine! I'll just break my perfect attendance streak!! 😡

Personal medical matters 🙏 

@evelynyap good luck

Personal medical matters 🙏 

@maloki Thanks 🙂

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