I haven't been good at checking my [many] personal so I missed a lot of messages and now my .email domain registration has expired.

I know. My fault.

And because I'm not happy with deviously increasing prices a few times without informing me ahead of time, I am done donating* to their business. Not paying for the Recovery + Renewal. So upset with them that I'm willing to lose that domain.

So now I have to fix all the bazillion logins that use my .email addresses. 🤪

@evelynyap You can transfer domain names between registrars (or register your old domain if it hasn't been snatched up yet). I use name.com for everything. If I lost my e-mail domain I'd be really screwed; have that set to auto-renew 😅

Ah, fortunately my .com is with another DNR. 😉 I turned off auto-renew for my .email because I got upset with Namecheap last year and didn't want to auto-give-them-my-money. I did think of transferring before, but since it's expired now it's too late. I could try in a couple of months and see if it becomes available. If somebody else gets it, no worries. 😎

I'll check out name.com. Thanks! 😊

@evelynyap Was your .email a custom domain? If it was, just change to a different provider

It's expired. I cannot make changes anymore. Either I try after a couple of months to see if it's available again or forget all about it.

@evelynyap whoa they aren’t holding it for a while for you???

I decided last year that I hate Namecheap and will no longer use their services. They increased the renewal fee a couple of times without first informing me. I don't appreciate that. So I stopped the auto-renewal.

Unfortunately I neglected my personal emails and missed the reminders and the chance to transfer. Not paying them the recovery+renewal. I'd rather lose the domain than give them any more money.

@evelynyap ah I can understand that. I prob need to log into mine and see if they raised my prices as well. Haven’t checked in a good while.

Every year that I was with them there was a little increase in price. Never again! 😠

@evelynyap I’ve just gone on with auto pay not paying any attention. So missed it.

@jordan31 That's what they're hoping for, I think. I'd only see the increase once it was time to pay.

They used to be my webhost too. That was the first I took away. Moved that to Crazydomains .

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