Ya know, if people didn't insist on using I may have a more decent option for a -- other than the badly-placed built-in webcam on my computer. 🙄

@evelynyap meet.jit.si doesn't let me choose the webcam on firefox but does on chrome or chromium. Don't know if that is relevent.

I use Microsoft . Love it.

In the past I've used and on and off. And on and off. I keep ending up uninstalling them. 🤷 Not going back there.

@evelynyap badly placed web cam. ESP on laptops can sometimes lead to up the nose cameras lol.

Ah, yes. The very badly-placed one is on my gamer-style notebook (low-nose-shot a.k.a. big-fingers-shot) and the sort-of-correctly-placed one is on my Surface Pro but it's on a kickstand so the camera is at an angle and not a straight shot at me -- which makes it another bad shot.

Photogenic people can get away with bad shots. Not me. 😅 hehe

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