Interesting conversation at today's .

Googled some examples:

Former Atheist Uses Reason to Find God

Lee Strobel, a former investigative journalist, sought to debunk the claims of Christianity but his research led him down an unexpected path.

It'll take forever for me if I tried to do research like what those former atheists did.


Happens [almost] every Saturday 19h UTC / 15h Miami Time / 03h Manila Time.

All are welcome. 🙂

@evelynyap So I missed it. Ok. Shall try again another weekend. Wondered why I was sitting alone in the Jitsi.

Ack! 😶 Yeah, it normally just lasts about an hour. Though sometimes we linger and chat extra.

@evelynyap another good one is J. Warner Wallace. Cold case homicide detective found Christ by looking at the evidence.

Hey, he's got a ! 🤓

Thanks for sharing the link! 👍

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