What a nice discovery! I didn't know there were wireless mechanical . 😳

Found this dual connection (wireless or wired) RGB TKL . Reviews are good.

Yeah. I ordered one.

Picked the black (although the white looks really pretty) with blue switch keys. It'll be for my old Surface Pro 3 that only has a one (temperamental) USB port. Yes, it's a justified expense. 🤪

I like having a numpad too. It's a compromise. 🤷‍♀️

Anyway, this won't be for my main machine. Already got a full keyboard for that. Also blue switch, but wired. 😉

@evelynyap Also have a look at Annie Pro 2. I find it quite comfy. Plus, it's cheap, so you could buy a couple to throw in at different locations to always have a neat typing instrument :p

I looked it up. 👀

Looks really nice, but I had to laugh. What you consider cheap is actually kinda pricey for me. 😅

I paid half that price for my newly-ordered K870T. That included shipping. And even at that price, I wouldn't buy a couple to throw in here and there. I'd have just 1 and take it with me. My point for having a mini* version of things: . 🙂

Hmmm, does it help that i bought it off AliExpress? I think there was a lower price than you'd find elsewhere.

As for portability, I agree (tho still can't find a case for my Anne locally, which is an inconvenience).

I also carry a Lenovo B590, so I'm not by any means rich as you can see :D

I think it's normal for mechanical keyboards to be priced like that. And when we find the right tools and stuff we enjoy using, the price is right! 👍

Someone once told me that there are three kinds of prices: cheap, expensive, worth it.

I said, No. There are only two kinds of prices: worth it and not worth it. 😉

Ooh, with separate 'pgup' 'pgdn' 'home' and 'end' keys!

(I despise those cheap keyboards where you have to press Fn together with the arrow keys. Worst of all, those chords can't be made one-handed.)

Yup! 🤓👍
It's silly but I'm kinda excited. Eagerly awaiting it's arrival. Glad I kept looking. I almost ordered one of those mini soft-key .

@evelynyap if you ever wanna go smaller, the Anne Pro 2 is a well liked budget options as well.

Thanks! Yeah, I saw the Anne Pro 2. It's twice the price of what I ordered though. Kinda excited. My order should be arriving in a couple of days. 😃

@evelynyap I’ve been thinking about getting a mechanical keyboard ⌨️

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