I'm not happy.

I loved this keyboard. Small but well-designed that I could actually type well and fast on it. Connects quickly.

It's 6 years old. First the K key got problematic, but not totally dead. Then it's the M and N keys, then 3 arrow keys. Now I'm unable to get to the square brackets.

Is this a normal thing with ?
Do I toss this now? 😐

@evelynyap depends on the kb. this is ordinary wear and tear for entry level consumer goods. more expensive ones are different.

>do i toss this now
if it's a motherboard issue you will have to toss it. you can tear it down and check what's the issue with a multitool but these compact devices are notorious for being difficult to even get at. your best bet is to replace the device

looks like a nice kb tho
@Ivan_Ivanovich @MechaSilvio @Tripp @evelynyap @fluffy I don't think I own a board that isn't TKL. all my laptops have had to be tkl

@MechaSilvio @graf @Ivan_Ivanovich @Tripp @fluffy
Well... Directly pressing on that little nub doesn't work either. Definitely not a matter of maintaining a clean keyboard.

I'm shopping for a new one!! 🤪

@evelynyap ive been using this type for about five years without issues, can recommend fully. this one has a less obnoxious color scheme ebay.com/itm/133728659731 @MechaSilvio @graf @Ivan_Ivanovich @Tripp @fluffy

Yup. Got one already. 👍

I was thinking/talking about replacing a mini Bluetooth keyboard. 😁

@Ivan_Ivanovich @MechaSilvio @Tripp @fluffy
🙄 Um.. I do* have a mechanical keyboard complete with numeric keypad.

The mini Bluetooth is for a Surface Pro with only 1 USB port. A USB hub is troublesome, even a powered one. Disconnects/reconnects every so often. Ergo, the best for that device is Bluetooth.

Also, it's kinda silly traveling with a full mechanical keyboard. 🤪

Will see if I can clean it. 🤔
Thanks for the permission to toss it. 😁👍

@evelynyap @Ivan_Ivanovich @Tripp @fluffy yes, I can see the problem of using mechanicals with limited USBs. There aren't many Bluetooth
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