I want one. 🚲 

48V 500W LG 12.8A Lithium
12.8ah pure electric endurance 60km
Brushless motor
Aluminum Alloy
26-inch 4-link aluminum alloy frame
Aluminum shoulder iron legs mechanically lock the front fork
Sealed shaft
Haomeng AC49 3-level chainring
Variable speed 21SP
S866 liquid crystal instrument
5step power
Mechanical disc brake, brake off
TX30 finger pull, TY500 pull before, TZ500 pull after

I want one. 🚲 

Yup. Quite pricey. But I think it's got all that I want and need from the one and only bicycle I'll ever have. Perfect for wimpy li'l me.

I don't understand the rest of the technical specs though. 😁

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