About an hour after work our team leader at the agency called and got a few of us together for announcements. I was already in bed and joined the call on my phone. Most joined the call on our mobiles. Cameras were not turned on. I was the first to join the call, we had a li'l chitchat. Took her maybe 20 more minutes to get all others to join the unscheduled call. Then we started. More friendly chitchat before the actual agenda... and 😴... Woke up hours later not knowing what was discussed. 😅

I was really tired, okay?
Besides, it wasn't a scheduled call or I'd be ready for it.
And it's already Saturday for me.
I go into hibernation on Saturdays.

😁 It happens !
This week, I have head-butted my keyboard. Second time that it happens, and this time fortunately, no damage to the keyboard or my head :) But it's more efficient than an alarm clock. 🤣

Ouch!! Oh my goodness... I prefer an alarm clock! 🤣

I've done it. I was woken by the ringing of the following call. It's less embarrassing than falling asleep in a physical meeting, which I have done.

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