Let me just say...
I do enjoy and
and believe people ought to be .

But, there's so much . It borders on ridiculousness. People have gone nuts and forgotten how to .

Is it such a scary thing to give the vendor a [your] ? You're transacting with them. Doing . If it's you're buying, they'll need to inform you that your* order is ready. Would you rather be a ?

If you have any* credit card, rewards card or store card..... Duh!? 🙄


True! ☝️🤓
You can have a lot of fun with that! 😄

🧔 May I have your name for the cup?

👩 Thumbellina -- liked the thumb-sized girl in the fairy tale.

🧔 Wow, cool name!
(Uh-oh... How do I spell that?)

🧔 (Draws on the coffee cup.) ➡️ 👍

@evelynyap @sexybiggetje Indeed, I usually lie. They go out of their way to spell it wrong on the cup anyway. I usually lie a lot on webforms as well where fields are wrongly mandatory. Which sometimes results in direct mail addressed to Mr G.D.P.R. NoneofyourBusiness or to the 'your form sucks' departement, when they made a organisational department field mandatory on a form. zylstra.org/blog/2019/10/do-yo

@ton @sexybiggetje
They get my name wrong even when i tell the truth. Edelyn? Emilyn? I don't even have to invent names! 😅

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