Somebody tell me what this is, please.

Photos show what it looks like
when young and pale vs
when it's not so young and turning brown.

So, the parts of a 🌱 are:
and __?__ 🤷‍♀️

@susannah @plants
That sounds right.
It sounds very right.
I'll take that answer!
Leaf Sheath!! 🍃👍
Thanks! 😊

See, I knew it was "some kind of sleeve* thingy". 🙃

@evelynyap @susannah @plants

It also might be the sheath extension called the ligule...

...everything gets confusing, no matter what the field of interest.

@Algot @evelynyap @plants I think ligules are little outgrowths near the leaf base. I’m most familiar with them in grasses

@susannah @Algot @plants
Yeah, seems to me the sleeve* thing is more of a leaf sheath than a ligule. It covers a good bit of the petiole -- over a third of its length.

Ain't Mastodon people cool? I'm learning something! 📚💃 Thanks, guys! 😊

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