Bold stance:

If you're running a successful business that's built on top of open-source software and you're neither contributing code to these projects nor donating money to them, you're not only a freeloader, you're actually harmful to the entire movement.

You should take an interest in the sustainability of these projects as they ensure the likelihood of your own success and future.


I concur! ☝️🙂

Rant follows:

People feel they deserve to get things for , get upset and give bad ratings to free that have ads even when it's been disclosed beforehand that they're ad-supported or when there's a fee for premium/fancy features.

deserve to get paid! They're entitled to make a living. Companies that give you deserve to make a profit so they can pay their and stay in . 😠

@evelynyap @fribbledom 🤔

Totally agree. Once you realize what effort it is to maintain open source projects, you get a total different view on it.

People devoting their spare time deserve some benefit, either in form of contributions or donations.

Companies just freeloading FLOSS is a nogo...

Apparently 99% of people don't even don't seem to know the slightest about this problem and happily pay shitloads of $€£¥ to companies.

@cybastl @evelynyap @fribbledom This precise problem is that I'm leaning towards starting a public interest company to support my #interpeerproject - on the one hand, the "public interest" part both allows for the collection of donations, and requires a charter to uphold. If that's phrased right, it's much like a non-profit.

On the other hand, it's a company - so you can act as a commercial provider towards other companies without raising eyebrows.

@cybastl @evelynyap @fribbledom And unlike the Mozilla Foundation/Corporation clusterfuck, you can't really use it to pay yourself massive salaries while firing half your staff.

@cybastl @evelynyap @fribbledom There is a school of thought of "don't spend money you don't have to" I've been put into a position to argue against...

The people offering their work to you gratis generally need the money more than some faceless conglomerate!

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