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Here I am. 🙋 Doing anew. Since my 1st intro, a lot has changed:

I now , thanks to . I'm not a geek, but I get to say that I work for a company 😉 that does . My official role is but because my manifested itself useful, I've also become the designated elf. 😊

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Moved into my new Mastodon home. In the mood for a sandwich. And this is my new look. 😎

I hate this. 😐 Another that's unavailable to me because of my location or my account's country settings.

So how do I access my then? Yes, , I have a Google Voice number. And so what if I'm not physically in the ? Isn't that the point of ?

Anybody know of a non Google app that can access/use Google Voice? A non PC alternative?

And this is the problem with , and . Services go away, businesses fold or get bought up, and... things just keep changing and we gotta keep adjusting and adapting.

Probably the only thing that will last as long as civilization will be taxes.

(Don't take me seriously, I haven't actually thought the whole thing through. Just rambling here.)

And yet another requirement in the New Normal: 

Found out yesterday that , a city in , is requiring everyone entering the city's establishments to have a pass.

Shady. 🤨 

What could possibly go wrong?


... take part in improving
... collect documents
... will be used to train
The project is to collect ...
... submit as many documents as you want, ... receive ... $XX for every document that meet our requirements ...
... collect ... and submit to us:
1. Purchase Orders
2. Order Confirmation
3. Delivery Note
4. Payment Advice or Remittance Advice

At the clinic. The doctor. 

Ok. She redeemed herself. When it was my turn she was wearing her mask properly and had a face shield on.

Much appreciated. 👍

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At the clinic. The doctor. 

I'm disappointed. Okay, she's a and not an infectious disease expert. But... Wearing her mask with her nose exposed? Perhaps if she had a on, it wouldn't be so bad.

In fairness, there's a plastic sheet over her desk, between her and her patient. But how about doing it right and be a good example? You know, even just for the optics? Because. It. Looks. Dumb.

At the clinic... 

I'm actually here for the doctor. Her office is to the left of the x-ray waiting lounge.

There is a plastic sheet hanging right in front of the Imaging Reception desk, as a protective barrier. Y'know, a thing.

Looks like some people are still in denial and thinking things will get back to normal soon. Otherwise it'd be an acrylic sheet (plexiglass) barrier instead of a soft plastic sheet.

Not yet, people. Not yet.

Out and about. 

It's Thursday. The start of a very long weekend.

Mission 1 not accomplished. Turns out the 🏥 is only in on Tuesdays and Saturdays. No more Thursdays. Would've been nice if she replied to my message and told me so. 🙄

Mission 2 is half-baked, because I went to a different/smaller/closer supermarket. Didn't find my favorite banana/carrot/choco/mocha loaves. 🍞 I'm not planning on going out for another 2 weeks. So... I'll go try another supermarket. 😜

Here I am. 🙋 Doing anew. Since my 1st intro, a lot has changed:

I now , thanks to . I'm not a geek, but I get to say that I work for a company 😉 that does . My official role is but because my manifested itself useful, I've also become the designated elf. 😊

This coming long weekend is probably a good time to see the too...

I've got a very long weekend coming up. 

The boss decided we would all get Thursday and Friday off. 😊

What to do? Not doing any traveling, that's for sure.

Try to finish some online courses? Yup.

Organize stuff? Uh-huh. It never ends.

Do the long drive and visit La Mesa Ecopark, just for a walk and to breathe in some fresh air? Mmmmmaybe. 🤔 Hopefully there won't be much people there.

Do I...

Yeah. I'll go to the mall too. 😐 Need to restock on supplies.

After a long time of not doing my courses, I got back today. Did a Peer-Review of someone else's assignment, finished watching a few videos and passed a quiz, and then Coursera tells me:

Sorry, we are down for maintenance.
We will be back up shortly.

🙄 Sooooooo I guess I'll go back to housekeeping mode...

Moved the sofa bed that hasn't been moved in years. More dust. Did I already toot about how much I appreciate my little helper?

Yeah. One of my best el cheapo purchases ever. I'm thinking of getting one for the family. Have to show them how to use and clean it so it lasts. Pretty sure they got plenty of dust in their area too. Sweeping with a broom just ain't enough. And the old vacuum cleaner is cumbersome.

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So I’m reading the latest instalment of Tedium by @ernie (if you don’t subscribe, go do that now - best newsletter ever -

Anyway, latest instalment is about web rings. I’ve thought about doing one before, but this has inspired me, especially given my recent “90s redesign”.

Would any of you fine Fosstodonians with a personal blog be interested in joining a Fosstodon web ring?

It's Friday. Again.
Yay!! 💃... 😐... 🤔?

Is it just me, or do the days go by really fast?

They say time flies when you're having fun. So... I must be having a lot of fun. 😶?

Nice illustrations and explanations of different scenarios...

"Aerosol transmission of Covid-19: A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air" | Society | EL PAÍS in English

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I just finished reading the BLIND, Inc newsletter. As a graduate I really do believe in what this organization is doing. Have a read for yourself and if you can I know they would greatly appreciate a donation of any size from anyone. If you cant donate monetarily please consider boosting this to your followers.

It's not fun to be the bearer of bad report. But, gotta do what's right. 

My report on the Not Working Co-worker got to the president of the company. Turns out that somebody else in management has known for a long time and actually wanted to let go of this guy. But somebody higher up who's really nice and generous wanted to keep him. And so the Not Working Remote Worker was getting paid for hardly doing anything... for over a year.

Till I spoke up.

What's different this time? A new president.

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