I was planning on joining the but I'm still on a call. 😐 A veeeeery long call. 🤷‍♀️

Happening in about an hour from now, at 20h UTC / 16h EST

@josias says:
"we'll be studying John 16 at 20h UTC (an hour later than normal)... As usual, everyone who would like to join is welcome, regardless of religious background... click this link to join:
meet.jit.si/FediverseBibleStud ... Several people have already said that they plan to attend, so it should be particularly fun today."

Note to self. A nudge. No backing out. 😐 

"If... only a hobbyist or an amateur, you can shrug off the pressure on how much your bike weighs... make up for it by upgrading your own fitness level... It’s not the bike. It’s the biker.

One can always go for a much lighter bike but... other things to consider: Do you feel comfortable? Does it feel stable?... And of course, how deep is your pocket?..."

Source: thexfire.com/bike-weighs

I'm feeling a little better now about my ridiculously heavy choice. 🙃 thexfire.com/bike-weighs

Because honestly, I'm starting to chicken out and am thinking maybe I'm making a lousy decision.

No, no.
Must go through with it.
Must. Start. Cycling. 😳❗
Long overdue already.
Gonna huff, and puff,
and blow the fear [laziness] away!


For a long time I pined for this.
That was a long time ago.
Nothing became of it.
And nothing will ever become of it.

Not planning on importing.
Besides, it's sold out.

This is not to say that I'm getting a lady's bike. 😜

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What I really want is _____
but what I'll really get is _____.

Of course, I won't know for sure till it finally unfolds in the first week of September.

🎵 it's been a hard day's night
And I've been working like a dog 🎶
🎵 It's been a hard day's night
I should sleeping like a log 🎶

But nooooo... I'm still awake. 😶

What I really want is _____
but what I'll really get is _____.

Of course, I won't know for sure till it finally unfolds in the first week of September.

Almost afraid to say this out loud for fear of jinxing it. 🙃 

Something big is coming.
I hope.

If all goes well, I'll be getting my 1st the 1st week of September. (The vendor better be nice to this clueless .)

I hope I'll be consistent riding it.

Somebody nag me to ride weekly, please.

It'll be my fun, easy-on-the-joints, breezy, very outdoorsy workout that is -friendly.

I was out 8 hours.


Didn't even get to do groceries.

Must get some sleep now.
Got work later.

And just like that it was over.
I couldn't do it. 😞

I tried. I did.
Phobias are !@#?!!!
(I can't find the words.)

And my hand still hurts.

Work 🤪 

And because the playbook looked like an actual book, the joke at the meeting was "Did you used to work at Simon & Schuster?" 😄

I was going to say that it wasn't really good and that it still needs tweaking and...

But I've learned that sometimes it's better to say less... or say nothing.

Humility can be seen as false humility. That'll be annoying. Be careful that you don't turn a good thing into a negative. ☝️

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Work 🤪 

I had a deadline last Friday. Creating a playbook of our sales processes. As kindly ordered by the President. Fortunately he was specific at what he wanted included. That made it easier creating the outline. Worked on it for about 3 days, in between other tasks. Yeah, I'm slow. 🐢

Then on Friday's meeting the SVP tells us the President had already seen my unfinished* playbook. 😳 (Uh-oh!)

He was pleased. 😅 (Whew!)

Maybe they didn't notice that it wasn't finished. 😁

Now watching...

"Many of us long to see lasting change happen in our lives and around the world. The question is, where do we begin? ... Catch the livestream on August 22 ... 9am ... youtu.be/NaPx4YwL_wU "

on YouTube

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Bible study 

Saturday at 19h UTC we will be studying John 15.

Anyone is welcome to join, as always. Simply click this link to join:


#BibleStudy #Bible

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