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some guy just bought my 203L freezer and like any other normal human being i expected him to drive here by car so the freezer could fit in the back
but this man. this absolute legend. he had other plans

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For many people this is the toughest time of the year.
Canada’s National #SuicidePrevention Line is available 24/7 1-833-456-4566 for voice and 4pm to 12am ET for text (Text 'Start' to 45645)
🇲🇶 Quebec residents: 1 866 APPELLE (1.866.277.3553)

Battle royale time!

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UI/UX will win with users EVERY DAMN TIME. The only way free protocols can get any mainstream traction is if the UI/UX is *as good if not better* than proprietary alternatives.

People will use Twitter, IG, Facebook, etc. for the rest of time…if the UX is way better. Period. End of discussion.

That's why Twitter's foray into open protocols is SO IMPORTANT. If they can bring their UX knowhow into the discussion, that's a GOOD THING. This can't just be libre-geek-hacker world forevermore.


Trying to think of which social networks (still) provide for open content discovery, e.g., via open standards like RSS.

On the "walled garden" side, there's and —completely closed off. 's dropped RSS support, but you can still manage to scan for content with some workarounds.

On the open side, there's and the , of course; ; and surprisingly, , all of which offer RSS discovery. Any others I'm missing?

Best pizza topping, GO 🍕

On the topic of , seems like I have to do a bit of work on @xyzzy. It hasn't been responding properly to mentions of late.

Just discovered @pollbot, too bad it's offline. Seems like it'd be a good idea to redo it using Mastodon's new polling feature. Idea for a new bot maybe? cc @vgan

Gutted the "Feeds" section of and replaced it with "Discover". Ideally I'd like to group a bunch of other things under here, including image and video listings... two more things that used to exist on BahaIQ.

Well, mostly, anyway. There's a lot to clean up, but it seems like the main components are nicely organized now. Hooray for well-organized code ☕💻🎉

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Highest-rated #Bahai posts on #Reddit for the Baha'i month of Qawl, 176 B.E.:

* Love from an atheist.

* My Personal Perspective on Teaching the Faith

* Happy 3,333 subscribers, r/bahai... and congrats on the rest of the family of subreddits for reaching their own milestones! 🎉

Read more:

So is it just me or is the entire zombie apocalypse genre simply a product of the creeping dehumanization brought about by the cancerous spread of materialism throughout modern society 🤔

The website's meant to show off stuff that might be interesting for people who are learning about the Faith. For instance, the "Study Hall" section gathers up a bunch of reference sites and study resources. The "Feeds" section on the website is similar to the "News" and "Community" sections of BahaIQ, if you remember that website from back in the day. Ideally there'll be even more stuff like that in the future.

One thing did land in my lap, though, and that's the website for .FYI, which I've been contributing to for the past little while. It's been slowly coming together around the cozy little community that's grown up around the Discord server.

Soooo awhile back I was toying with the idea of working on a -enabled project. Turns out that life took a turn and I became much busier working on other stuff. I'm not sad about that, as the new stuff I'm doing is stuff that I love! I do regret not being able to do more work in my spare time, though.

BTW, if y'all want to see something new and cool related to the Faith, take a few moments to check out this website. It's pretty legit. (Any suggestions on how to make it even better?)

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