Head so deep in stuff. I need a permanent vacation or something. 😵

That reminds me of the conversation I was having with a fellow friend, about culture and how we often create these bubbles by creating apps to solve problems that are either imaginary or are easily solved through changes in lifestyle that have nothing to do with .

That is, sometimes change doesn't need to come through your smartphone.

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I mean srsly, more websites should look like this. Just look at this masterpiece of design

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Looking for recommendations: A simple -based framework for generating and storing thumbnails for images and video. Any ideas?

Soooo awhile back I was toying with the idea of working on a -enabled project. Turns out that life took a turn and I became much busier working on other stuff. I'm not sad about that, as the new stuff I'm doing is stuff that I love! I do regret not being able to do more work in my spare time, though.

BTW, if y'all want to see something new and cool related to the Faith, take a few moments to check out this website. It's pretty legit. (Any suggestions on how to make it even better?)


Ok folks. What's your favourite language / framework for web apps? Throw 'em at me, perhaps with a brief rationale. (And feel free to boost this. 🎺)

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