Necromancing an old thread to note how nice it is that has split the "like" and "save" functionality into favourites and bookmarks. Four for four!

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Funny thing about (I was thinking of calling it a funny thing about the but realized it applies everywhere)—there are very few accounts and channels I discover that I would actually want to follow. Many reasons, really, but if I were to try and boil them down to a general principle, I'd say: so many people are just playing the game, and I've grown so tired of the game.

Here's one for the file: How does the way you use reflect the way you see life? Are the things you put in and get out of it actually good for you and for the people around you? If so, what are you doing that's allowing that to happen? And if not, what is it that's convinced you to act against your own or well-being, or those of others?

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D'you ever get that feeling that you just don't have anything in particular to share? It's something that frustrates me about , or more specifically the culture generated by the advertising economy. You gotta keep engaging so we can sell more ads. Got nothing to say? Take selfies! Immortalize your burrito and your caramel macchiato!

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Ooohh things are heating up in land!

He says from the comfort of a platform that only shows him content that he's explicitly opted to see.

Speaking of , I'd love to read more about the thought that's gone into on the lately. 's new Explore feature is a case in point, and I'm also thinking of the new-ish Discover feature on . What are people's current thoughts on the of increasing discoverability of popular posts?

But seriously though, I think we can all agree that the thing that makes you amazing isn't how fast you can type or complete a crossword puzzle, but how many fake Internet points you can collect by precisely timing posts so you can pretend that thousands of people agree with you. 🎖️

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Just had an interesting, half-baked idea for a bot. Mention it and it would reply to you to tell your "reach" across the rest of the , by tallying up the number of instances you're followed from and their user counts. The result would be a number like "13% of Fediverse users can see your posts".

...interesting idea, though I don't think I'd actually do it because it'd just contribute to the commodification and "gaming" of the Fediverse more than anything 🙄

The story of the and is really just the story of humanity. More than anything, serves as a mirror through which we can see an abstraction of human interaction and relationships. In this light, it is a powerful tool for self-discovery, of species-level introspection.

You know, there's gotta be some kind of simple to help people tell the difference between "regular" (i.e. bubble sort, reverse an array) and "bad" algorithms (i.e. fill your timelines with nazis and flat earthers). Any ideas?

nowadays isn't the same as when it started out. Just remember the reason we came in the first place: To stay connected, to be together, to unite. Not to divide and fight.

No matter how many voices push hate, stay real, stay loving, and be in this to build.

More accurate prediction (probably): Web 3.0 will exclusively feature content written by , using higher-order markov chains and neural networks. Because is the future and all that.

...and because some of these content creators on are nearly indistinguishable from bots anyway. 🙄

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Prediction: If content in Web 1.0 was mainly publisher-generated, and content in Web 2.0 is mainly user-generated, content in Web 3.0 will be mainly generated by the spirits of the departed, via electronically connected Ouija boards. Or else it'll be just generated directly by God (or by quantum fluctuations and zero-point energy if that's more your thing).

You just wait. <true_story.png>

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By the way, if Web 2.0 was all about things like Friendster and Myspace, would you call the FB/Twitter era Web 3.0? (Or Web 2.5, maybe?)

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I mean, you'd think that I would've learned that timing is everything on by now. Things like Facebook and Twitter have been around for what... nearly a decade now?

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Trying to think of which social networks (still) provide for open content discovery, e.g., via open standards like RSS.

On the "walled garden" side, there's and —completely closed off. 's dropped RSS support, but you can still manage to scan for content with some workarounds.

On the open side, there's and the , of course; ; and surprisingly, , all of which offer RSS discovery. Any others I'm missing?

Here's a thought about interaction with content on : There are four ways I usually want to interact with content.

First, sharing someone's post if I think a lot of people ought to see it (via my own timeline).

Second, commenting on their post if there's something I have to say about it.

Third, leaving a like/upvote on their post if I enjoyed reading it, but don't have a lot to say about it.

Fourth, saving the post to read later if it's interesting but I'm short on time.

Gonna take a little break from the for a bit. To be honest, I need a bit of a vacation from every kind of . I'll be back, though. This stuff's got me nice and hooked. 😜

But I still use as a source of inspiration and a place to find interesting things to read. seems like a good place to do that since you can refine your timeline quite precisely to filter out what you're not interesting in. Although, as many have remarked so far, discovering new accounts to follow seems really difficult.

I haven't had the time for for quite a while. To be honest, sharing all the time gets to be exhausting. Unless all you're sharing is memes and pictures of cats or something.

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