For what it's worth, @pollbot uses some fun/general-purpose hashtags with the aim of encouraging their use:

- when posting on Mondays
- when posting on Tuesdays
- when posting on Fridays

Big ups and respect to the hashtag originators (@HTHR, @bigzaphod, and @hawaii / @dublinux respectively—let me know if I've missed someone)!

Welcome to the @efakaua and company, I have several friends who have been to and I would love to go there one day if I can. cc @lightweight


This might be a long shot, but is there any way to get notifications to propagate over to the ? I'm definitely not as active on the birdsite anymore, but I haven't yet cut it out of my life completely (because reasons) and would just like to have ways to limit the amount of time I go back there to check.

And yeah, I know a good way to help that happen is to facilitate the migration of yonder birds. But hey, throw me a bone.

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so I started following some of my favourite actually-worth-following accounts from via Pretty cool service, and one that makes it even easier to stay on the . The only inconvenience seems to be that accounts always post in followers-only mode, so no boosts, but given that a plurality of people on fedi came here to avoid Twitter's toxicity makes that a good decision I guess.

And I have to say, in the past few weeks I've such a wide variety of people coming out of the woodwork. It's a great time to be on the .

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Funny thing about (I was thinking of calling it a funny thing about the but realized it applies everywhere)—there are very few accounts and channels I discover that I would actually want to follow. Many reasons, really, but if I were to try and boil them down to a general principle, I'd say: so many people are just playing the game, and I've grown so tired of the game.

I was thinking of doing a new post to hop on the welcome-newcomers-to-fedi bandwagon, but I couldn't think of anything new to say. 🤔

Ooohh things are heating up in land!

He says from the comfort of a platform that only shows him content that he's explicitly opted to see.

Speaking of , I'd love to read more about the thought that's gone into on the lately. 's new Explore feature is a case in point, and I'm also thinking of the new-ish Discover feature on . What are people's current thoughts on the of increasing discoverability of popular posts?

I'm starting to think that rewriting the current @pollbot code in Tracery and running it through CBTS would make a lot of sense.

Watch this space, .

Just had an interesting, half-baked idea for a bot. Mention it and it would reply to you to tell your "reach" across the rest of the , by tallying up the number of instances you're followed from and their user counts. The result would be a number like "13% of Fediverse users can see your posts".

...interesting idea, though I don't think I'd actually do it because it'd just contribute to the commodification and "gaming" of the Fediverse more than anything 🙄

Ok, so daydreaming about the bot again. I like the idea of graph traversal as an application, but it remains to be seen what graph the bot should traverse and how it could add value to your experience on the .

Now who's going to create a federated alternative to or for streamers? (Does have that on its road map?)

Opening this one up to everyone on this lovely :

Any suggestions for good task management tools (whether -capable or not) to replace ?

Looks like Quire ( has an amazing interface and is free, but it's closed-source. It'd be nice to find something similar that's self-hostable.

So, @xyzzy has a semi-permanent place to stay and rack up some uptime now. Yay! 🎉 Enjoy your text adventures, everyone, and don't get eaten by a grue.

Trying to think of which social networks (still) provide for open content discovery, e.g., via open standards like RSS.

On the "walled garden" side, there's and —completely closed off. 's dropped RSS support, but you can still manage to scan for content with some workarounds.

On the open side, there's and the , of course; ; and surprisingly, , all of which offer RSS discovery. Any others I'm missing?

Soooo awhile back I was toying with the idea of working on a -enabled project. Turns out that life took a turn and I became much busier working on other stuff. I'm not sad about that, as the new stuff I'm doing is stuff that I love! I do regret not being able to do more work in my spare time, though.

To be honest though, I've been rolling a project idea around in my head ever since I started learning more about the . And it's a project that I'd actually find really useful, too. Maybe with a little effort...?

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Gonna take a little break from the for a bit. To be honest, I need a bit of a vacation from every kind of . I'll be back, though. This stuff's got me nice and hooked. 😜

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