Here's one for the file: How does the way you use reflect the way you see life? Are the things you put in and get out of it actually good for you and for the people around you? If so, what are you doing that's allowing that to happen? And if not, what is it that's convinced you to act against your own or well-being, or those of others?

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I don't think this is exclusive to things supported by the advertising industry, of course. In more general terms, it's a culture of inauthenticity: Be fake so we can all get ahead. Don't do stuff that's actually good for you and for the society around you, do what advances materialistic assumptions that underlie a "lamentably defective" way of life.

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Speaking of , I'd love to read more about the thought that's gone into on the lately. 's new Explore feature is a case in point, and I'm also thinking of the new-ish Discover feature on . What are people's current thoughts on the of increasing discoverability of popular posts?

Things have been nice and busy and I haven't really had a lot of things to say, hence the lack of substantive content on this account lately (apart from boosts).

IRL, things are slowly moving into a direction that I like, so that's nice. Potential for a new project to be involved in, one that seems to align pretty closely with my /values and interests.

Half-baked take of the day: A social network is only as good as its collective ethos.

In other words, a mish-mash of randos with wildly varying intentions and contradictory ethical foundations is very different from a mish-mash of randos who share some kind of common purpose and guiding beliefs.

Funny thing: The top link on that video is another TED Talk bearing the title "Artificial intelligence: It will kill us". Clickbait title ofc, and one that may even be somewhat true (see: killer drones)—but something like "WE will kill ourselves" would be more appropriate.

IMO, the problem isn't with the tool (AI), but with narrow-minded selfishness, with the degraded state of the human spirit we've stubbornly allowed to worsen as we've single-mindedly pursued material gain. It's , yo.

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time! Let's call it dragfyre 101.

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