The story of the first girls' schools in , which began operating at the turn of the 20th century at the behest of spiritual leader 'Abdu'l-Baha.

"...the higher access for 's observed in today's Iran is the result of that effort made more than a century ago."

Today's warm take:

What we need isn't a killer app. We need training in methods and philosophies that will help us make learning online easier, so that we can make distance interesting and engaging, rather than exhausting.

Out of all the solutions I've tried so far (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet), Zoom has had the broadest set of useful features for : breakout groups, interactive annotations that can be enabled at will, broadly configurable user permissions... I'd also like to play around with Jitsi meet to see how a FOSS solution stacks up against the big corporate offerings.

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OK, seriously though, it's pretty amazing just how productive we can be with all of the online meetings. At our house we've been helping to run distance education courses via the Ruhi Institute—helping participants develop community-building skills. There's at least one session every night, sometimes two.

Sure, it's a bit harder to connect when you're not there in person, but it just makes things so much easier and faster when you don't have to travel to and fro.

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Shouts out to all of the software companies out there making their offerings free for educators this month. You have no idea how much it helps everyone.

Any tips on incorporating into curricula to encourage young people to break the stigma, as it were?

Been learning a lot about teaching introductory programming btw. Rule #1: Take it nice and slow.

To all of you educators: What's the best format for a beginners' coding/programming class?

time! Let's call it dragfyre 101.

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