TIL is a thing. 10-15 minute presentation? I'm half tempted to put something together.

Expanded the list of wikis for @lucky_search to search and changed the search algorithm to generate a lot more hits, so searches will be more successful on average. I might also replace regex search with fuzzy search to see if that improves things as well.

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Someone was asking me what I thought about LaMDA today, I guess that's my cue to actually read up about it 😅

OK, so I've put together a nice little thing called @lucky_search. Basically, if you mention it with some keywords, it'll reply back with a random search result for those keywords, from a random .

I also want to include results, but it's been difficult to find search engines that have open, free APIs. Not impossible, though! marginalia.nu actually has a public , albeit a basic one. That'll be for later though. For now, have fun!

that's my secret, I'm always thinking of new ideas for .

wait did I say my secret? I meant my problem.

hi I'm dragfyre and I'm a botaholic. beep boop

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Of course, that's nothing compared to the semantic alphabet soup that'll result from implementing a "use" command. I've been trying to wrap my head around that one for at least a month. I'll probably save that one for a series of livestreams later on.

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Seems like a lot of hosted on have been down for a long time. Just looked up @hamiltonian (another one of my favourites), it's going on three years now since it last posted.

It didn't take long for @xyzzy to go down again, but at least it let me know this time, and with an error message to boot! Much nicer to have a heads up when these things happen. I'll probably do the same thing (enable crash notifications) with the rest of my always-on .

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@pstewart's bio reminds me that I need to make that alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb bot I was thinking about a while back. Should be easy with Tracery/CBTS.

A new is needed for my !

🤖 @xyzzy: Interactive text adventure that posts random scenarios.
🤖 @blackjoy: Images of black joy.
🤖 @pollbot: Random fedi polls twice a day.
🤖 @bahai@botsin.space: Regular quotes from the Bahá'í sacred writings.
🤖 @bahai@interfaith.masto.host: Digest of various Bahá'í news feeds.

There're a lot more, but those are the main ones.

doing some bug fixing and ; @xyzzy will now report errors so I know when something breaks, and @pollbot is back online and should post twice a day.

question: What's the easiest/simplest way to build and host a bot that scrapes a reddit feed and toots only posts with images? cc @botwiki

In other @xyzzy news, I removed a long-standing feature that was preventing it from understanding when people wanted to go "down".

I say it was a feature, not a bug, because it should be obvious to everyone I was only following the Rick Astley programming paradigm which states that the program should never let the user down.

Have you discovered the "inventory" command that was added to @xyzzy a few weeks ago? Maybe when you try it, you'll find something interesting to use *this* week's newly-added command on...

(And no, it's not "use". Not yet, anyway.)

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Speaking of , funny thing: I just realized that @pollbot was set as undiscoverable, which means it was probably hard for people to find its posts. 😅 that's fixed now.

I'm going to try and get it to post more regularly again soon, but I want to give it a wider selection of possible polls first. Definitely watch this space.

Taking a few steps towards getting @bahai more functional. There's an issue with the previous script that fed it new stuff due to it being written in python 2. The new script I'm developing for it is in python 3, uses an actual database of sorts, and will enable me to hit many birds with one stone, as it were. Watch for good things, I guess.

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